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Pirate brothers are sailing back - Grandline Men Luffy + Ace, Evangelion candy toy, Hori fight pads, Bookworm & more!

Coming through the grandline are the pirate brothers Luffy and Ace. Produced by BanPresto, these two figures are stars in the Amusement Expo 2009 in Japan.

The main attraction of these figures are the details put into them, from the lines on the sinewy limbs to the patterns on their accessories and the masculinity that the sculptors manages to capture with this pair of siblings.

The tanned skin of Ace and Luffy are carefully brought out in different shades of paint. The texture of the white wash denim of Luffy's and the large pieces of jewelry that Ace wears are created and painted so realistically that they can fool your eyes.

By popular demand, two charismatic pirates are back, Ace and Luffy re-runs are available for:

One Piece The Grandline Men Vol.1 Pre-Painted Figure: Luffy (Re-run)JPN N/A sold
One Piece The Grandline Men Vol.1 Pre-Painted Figure: Portgas D. Ace (Re-run)JPN N/A sold

This is a hybrid of a game pad. The D pad is replaced by a joystick and the usual four buttons on the right now has six button. You can execute those moves in highspeed, provided that you have a strong, flexible thumb. You can set turbo function for all the buttons, at low, medium and high speeds, perfect for FPS lovers.

The pad comes in two colors, keep one for your own private use and leave the other color for public use when you invite your friends over for a party. Although these are perfect for fighters and shooters, you can use them for your RPGs and action games. Grip them in your hands and take over the (game) worlds.

The two new Hori game pads are available for:

Hori Pad EX Turbo 2 (Black)US N/A sold
Hori Pad EX Turbo 2 (Blue)US N/A sold

From the publisher: Spell F-U-N on the run in an all-new Bookworm for the Nintendo DS! Have an appetite for words? Then join Lex the Bookworm in PopCap’s hit word-puzzle game for the Nintendo DS®.

Link letter tiles left, right, up and down to spell words to keep Lex sated and unearth a vast library. Spell words to fill your bookshelves, unlock 20 themed folios, and build out 18 unique library rooms.

Boost your score using Word of the Day and bonus words. But watch out for burning letters — they could spell disaster for you and Lex!

Learn to spell and develop a love for words. Bookworm is available for Nintendo DS gamers:

BookwormUS N/A sold

The biological nature of the Eva mechas are further explored in the movie You can (not) Advance. Not only is Shinji's Eva 01 hiding a glowing human arm, but Asuka's Eva 02 lost control and is reduced into a beast. The second movie is all about going berserk, and HDMI's second candy toy series will show you the full horrors.

Although tiny, these mecha are completely to scale. They are crafted and painted loyally according to their anime counterparts and finished with a smooth gloss.

HDMI's Evangelion candy toys are available for:

Neon Genesis Evangelion Rebuild of Evangelion II Candy ToyJPN N/A sold

Also available today:

Nintendo™ Wii
Walk It OutUS US$ 34.90 1w

Nintendo DS™
Learn ChessUS US$ 45.99 1-2w
Picture Perfect Hair SalonUS N/A sold

Sony PSP™
PSP PlayStation Go Protective Screen FilmUS N/A sold


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