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Play-Asia.com Lucky Summer Sale - Winner Announced! Plus the newest and hottest discounts

August 5th, 2006: The Play-Asia.com Lucky Summer Sale has officially ended on July 31st, 2006. We would like to thank every customer for their participation in this sale.

The winners of the Lucky Draw are announced below. If you are among the happy winners, you will also recieve a confirmation e-mail from Play-Asia.com. All store voucher winners will further receive a voucher code by e-mail.

Even if you are not among the winners, make sure to scroll down further as we have summarized the newest and hottest discounts for you in this news post.


For privacy reasons, we have only listed the winning number, country and winning item (product the winner has ordered to participate in the lucky draw). If you are among the winners, you will also receive a confirmation e-mail from us, shortly.

1st Prize: PlayStation3™ Console 60GB (Japanese or Asia Version) + 2 PS3™ Games of your choice(*)

Winning Number: 343312855394
Country: USA
Winning Item: Densetsu no Stafi 4

2nd Prize: Nintendo Wii™ Console (Japanese Version) + 2 Wii™ Games of your choice(*)

Winning Number: 338418528318
Country: Netherlands
Winning Item: Metroid Prime 2: Dark Echoes

3rd Prize: Nintendo DS™ Lite Console + 2 NDS™ Games of your choice(*)

Winning Number: 337832843896
Country: Malaysia
Winning Item: Shinseiki Genso: SSII Unlimited Side

4th Prize: GP2X Game System (MK2)

Winning Number: 353435032795
Country: Sweden
Winning Item: Lumines Remixes

5-10th Prize: A store credit voucher worth US$ 50 each, redeemable for any purchase at Play-Asia.com

352087560165SingaporePocket Monster Shell Pack - Pikachu
343737900994TaiwanWave Race Blue Storm
352654160137USABanpresto Bleach Mini Swing Bag
343033533977TaiwanGrandia III
352121758614USAbeatmania IIDX 11 RED
342713463516FranceNintendo Mario Collection Series Bag - Model A

11-20th Prize: A store credit voucher worth US$ 20 each, redeemable for any purchase at Play-Asia.com

342525562327ThailandFinder Love: Fumina Hara
356895259142UKWater Game DS Candy Toy
350618133979CanadaApe Escape 3 (Chinese language Version)
353769543896MalaysiaShinseiki Genso: SSII Unlimited Side
343218363330USANaruto Plush Doll Vol.3 - Model B: Sasuke
341367358609AustraliaPSPonTV (PAL Version)
346423123374JapanNeppachi VI @VPACHI: CR O Takara Tankentai
339339059573USAValkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria
358371554325USAUnder Defeat [Limited Edition]
340766060133USANaruto Plush Doll Animal Costume - Model B: Itachi

21-50th Prize: A store credit voucher worth US$ 10 each, redeemable for any purchase at Play-Asia.com

350950963273USAFate/Hollow Ataraxia 1/6 Scale Pre-painted PVC Figure - Matou Sakura
355679463744USASR Shining Tears Collection Gashapon
356472650681USASuperLite 2000: Youkoso Hitsuji-Mura
337790234003USAKoukyoushihen Eureka Seven - TR1: New Wave
347198967057USADot-S Puzzle: Ice Climber
348673947719South KoreaMai-Hime Bakuretsu!
355161516831USADirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII
351693868160NorwayGainax Heroine Collection Gashapon Part 3
339871458786FinlandMarheaven Collection Figure
356271962742GermanyDigimon Tamers: Battle Spirit
338430003171FranceMakai Tensei
355604416726UKYu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters International 2
338312620228UKThe Terminal [Two- Disc special Edition] <div class="ext ext_dts">dts</div>
345919222102USAMobile Suit Gundam: One Year War
350366360136AustraliaNaruto Plush Doll Animal Costume - Model E: Kakashi
338197858786New ZealandMarheaven Collection Figure
356230458592USAInsanity DVD: The Shooting Love XII Stag & Trizeal [DVD+CD]
346467504600SpainFamicom Mini Series Vol.05: The Legend of Zelda
357020451475USAKuruKuru Chameleon (Chinese Version)
348758902911TaiwanViewtiful Joe
339038612861USAKururin Squash
345101015072MexicoVisual Mix Ayumi Hamasaki Dome Tour 2001
338689401599JapanRGB Cable
349136258608Costa RicaFinal Fantasy XII First Flight Guide (V-Jump)
340642747692SwitzerlandSoul Calibur III Original Soundtrack [2CD+DVD]
338916762617USAHisshou Pachi Slot Fun
338752502977FranceAuto Modellista U.S. Tuned
351609358544AustraliaNeoGeo Pocket 4 Pack Expansion Game Set - Pack B
358004762612CanadaTouch Pen Lock (green)

(*) The "game of your choice" is only valid for any game priced up to a maximum of US$ 70 per title. Prizes cannot be redeemed in cash.

The latest & hottest discounts:

The sale is over, but the savings continue. Check out lots of interesting discounts in our constantly updated Sales Category Pages.

Here is an excerpt of some of the latest and hottest discounts at the moment.

Biohazard Outbreak (PlayStation2 the Best)JPN N/A sold
Capcom Fighting JamJPN US$ 49.99 1-5d
Death by Degrees Tekken: Nina Williams (Chinese Version)ASIA N/A sold
Derby Tsuku 4: Derby Uma o Tsukurou!JPN US$ 57.99 1w
Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VIIJPN N/A sold
Erementar GeradJPN US$ 24.99 1-5d
Eureka Seven New VisionJPN N/A sold
Galacta Meisaku Gekijou: Rakugaki Oukouku (PlayStation2 the Best)JPN N/A sold
Glass RoseJPN US$ 14.99 1-5d
Gran Turismo 4 Prologue (Chinese Version)ASIA N/A sold
Hard Luck: Return of the HeroesJPN US$ 39.99 1-5d
Haru no Ashioto: Step of Spring [Limited Edition]JPN US$ 147.99 1w
Heavy Metal ThunderASIA N/A sold
Mahjong Party: Swim Suit BeautyASIA N/A sold
Maximo vs. Army of ZinJPN US$ 29.99 1-5d
Meiwaku Seijin: Panic MakerJPN US$ 40.99 1w
Minna no Golf OnlineJPN N/A sold
Mobile Suit Gundam: One Year WarJPN US$ 14.99 1-5d
Monster Farm 5: Circus CaravanJPN US$ 19.99 1-5d
From TV Animation One Piece: Pirates Carnival (w/ Multitap for new models)JPN N/A sold
Radirgy PreciousJPN US$ 44.99 1w
RezJPN US$ 49.99 1w
Richard Burns RallyJPN US$ 64.90 1w
Rule of Rose (Chinese Version)ASIA N/A sold
Sakura Taisen V Episode 0: Samurai Girl of Wild (Sega The Best 2800)JPN US$ 38.99 1w
Sakura Taisen: Atsuki Chishioni [First Print Limited Edition w/ DVD]JPN US$ 109.90 1-2w
Samurai 7JPN N/A sold
Samurai 7 [Premium Edition]JPN US$ 122.99 1w
Samurai Dou 2: Kettouban (PlayStation2 the Best)JPN N/A sold
Sega Rally 2006 (First Print Limited Edition w/ Sega Rally 1995)JPN N/A sold
Shadow Hearts: From the New WorldJPN US$ 49.99 1w
Shadow of the Colossus (Chinese Version)ASIA N/A sold
Shikigami no Shiro: Nanayozuki GensoukyokuJPN US$ 26.99 1w
Shinobido TakumiJPN US$ 33.99 1w
Simple 2000 Series Ultimate Vol. 28: The Gaidou! Genocide Grand Prix ~Drive to Survive~JPN US$ 25.90 1w
Simple 2000 Series Vol. 92: The Game of a CurseJPN US$ 25.90 1w
Simple 2000 Ultimate Vol. 30: Kourin! Zokushi GodJPN US$ 23.99 1w
Siren 2ASIA N/A sold
Soul Calibur III (English language version)ASIA N/A sold
Suzuki TT Super Bikes: Real Road RacingJPN US$ 64.90 1-5d
Tales of LegendiaASIA N/A sold
The Mark of KriJPN US$ 19.99 1-2w
The Matrix: Path of NeoASIA N/A sold
The Typing of the Dead: Zombie Panic (incl. keyboard)JPN US$ 113.99 1w
Time Crisis 3 (Chinese Version)ASIA N/A sold
Tsukiyo ni SarabaJPN US$ 19.99 1w

Atsumare!! Made in WarioJPN US$ 49.99 1w
Baten Kaitos IIJPN N/A sold
BioHazardJPN US$ 119.99 24h
Biohazard 0JPN US$ 49.99 1w
Densetsu no Quiz (w/ Microphone)JPN US$ 9.99 1w
Harambe Kong: Jungle BeatJPN US$ 9.99 1-5d
Eternal Darkness: Sanity's RequiemJPN US$ 24.99 1w
Gold Gashbell!! Friendship Tag BattleJPN US$ 9.99 1w
Gold Gashbell: Yuujou Tag Battle 2JPN US$ 19.99 1w
Kinnikuman 2nd GenerationsJPN US$ 44.99 1w
Kururin SquashJPN US$ 29.99 1w
From TV Animation One Piece: Pirates CarnivalJPN US$ 9.99 1-5d
Pokemon Box Ruby & Sapphire (w/ GBA Link Cable & Memory Card 59)JPN US$ 49.99 1-5d
Product Number 3 (P.N.03)JPN US$ 51.99 1w
SSX On Tour with MarioJPN US$ 34.99 1w
Super Mario SunshineKOR N/A sold
The Legend of Zelda: Kaze no TakutoJPN US$ 59.99 1w
Viewtiful JoeJPN N/A sold
Viewtiful Joe Battle CarnivalJPN US$ 39.99 1-5d
Wario WorldJPN US$ 39.99 1-5d
Wave Race Blue StormJPN N/A sold
Zoids: Full Metal CrashJPN US$ 49.99 1w

Top Spin 2ASIA N/A sold
Xbox 360 Faceplate (FIFA World Cup 2006)Euro N/A sold
Xbox 360 Faceplate (FIFA World Cup 2006) [VAT included]Euro N/A sold
[eM] -eNCHANT arM-JPN US$ 69.99 1-5d

Action Replay [PAL version]Euro N/A sold
Blinx 2: Battle of Time and SpaceASIA N/A sold
Dino Crisis 3 (Platinum Collection)JPN N/A sold

Sony PSP™:
Astonishia StoryUS N/A sold
Dancing Blade Katteni Momo TenshiJPN N/A sold
I.Q. ManiaASIA N/A sold
KuruKuru Chameleon (Chinese Version)ASIA N/A sold
Shin Megami Tensei: Devil SummonerASIA N/A sold
Sweet ParadiseJPN N/A sold
Talkman EuroASIA N/A sold
Yarudora Portable: Double Cast (Chinese Version)ASIA N/A sold
Yarudora Portable: Kisetsu o Dakishimete (Chinese Version)ASIA N/A sold

Nintendo DS™:
BioHazard DS [Limited Pack]JPN N/A sold
Densetsu no Stafi 4JPN US$ 37.99 1-5d
Harobots GenerationJPN US$ 12.99 1-5d
Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi: The Genie & the AmpUS US$ 17.99 1-2w
Kodomo no Tame no Yomi Kikase: Ehon de Asobou 1-KanJPN US$ 9.99 1-5d
Kodomo no Tame no Yomi Kikase: Ehon de Asobou 2-KanJPN US$ 9.99 1w
Kodomo no Tame no Yomi Kikase: Ehon de Asobou 3-KanJPN US$ 9.99 1-5d
Naruto: Saikyo Ninja Daikesshu 3 for DSJPN US$ 38.99 1-5d
Naruto: Saikyo Ninja Daikesshu 4JPN US$ 39.99 1-5d
Oekaki Puzzle Battle Vol. 1: Yuusha-Oh GaoGaiGar VersionJPN US$ 48.90 1w
Seiken Densetsu DS: Children of ManaJPN US$ 34.99 24h
Soroeru Puzzle Douwa OukokuJPN US$ 34.99 1-5d
Tenchu: Dark ShadowJPN US$ 17.99 1w
Xenosaga I-IIJPN US$ 59.99 1w

Gameboy Advance™:
Densetsu no StafiJPN US$ 94.99 1w
Densetsu no Stafi 2JPN N/A sold
Metroid: Zero MissionJPN US$ 85.99 1w
RockMan Zero 2JPN N/A sold
Super Robot Taisen JJPN N/A sold
Tomato AdventureJPN US$ 59.99 1w

Gameboy™ (Color):
Grandia: Parallel TrippersJPN US$ 24.99 1-5d
Mario Golf GBJPN US$ 39.99 1-5d
Pocket Monsters Akai (Red)JPN N/A sold
Pocket Monsters Midori (Green)JPN N/A sold
Pokemon de PaneponJPN US$ 49.99 1-5d
Sakura Taisen GB (Pocket Sakura Pack)JPN US$ 34.99 1w
The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of SeasonsJPN N/A sold

Chu Chu RocketUS N/A sold
J-League Pro Soccer Club o Tsukurou! 2JPN US$ 49.99 1w
Pro Yakyuu Team de Asobou!JPN US$ 9.99 1-5d
Radilgy / Radirgy / Rajirugi [Segadirect Edition w/ Phone Card]JPN N/A sold
Sonic AdventureJPN N/A sold
Space Channel 5US N/A sold
Under Defeat [Limited Edition]JPN N/A sold
Virtua Striker 2: Version 2000.1JPN US$ 14.99 1w
Virtual Memory Unit US$ 14.99 1w

F-1 World Grand PrixJPN N/A sold
Itoi Shigesato Bass Fishing No. 1 Ketteihan!JPN US$ 4.99 24h
Mario Party 3JPN US$ 71.99 1w
Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly CaliberJPN US$ 29.99 1-5d
Pilotwings 64JPN US$ 19.90 1-5d
Pokemon Stadium Gold & SilverJPN US$ 21.99 1w
Vibration Pack US$ 24.99 1-5d
Wonder Project J2JPN US$ 39.99 1-5d

Super Famicom™:
Barcode Battler Senki: Coveni WarsJPN N/A sold
Fushigi no Dungeon 2: Fuurai no ShirenJPN US$ 75.99 1w
Nishijin Pachinko 3JPN N/A sold
Street Fighter II TurboJPN US$ 109.99 1-5d
Super Bomberman: Panic Bomber WJPN US$ 63.99 1-5d
Super GameBoy 2JPN N/A sold
Touge Densetsu: Saisoku BattleJPN US$ 14.90 1-5d
Zico SoccerJPN US$ 47.99 1w


Please remember that all discount offers are only valid as long as supplies last. To ensure that your items are not sold out prior to dispach, we recommend you pay by credit card or PayPal and avoid combining discounts with any preorder items. Orders that cannot be filled due to possible unavailability will be cancelled.


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