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Play-Asia.com Recommends: Metro Redux - On Sale Now!

To be compared to Half-Life 2 is probably a good thing. To have overwhelmingly positive reviews across the board is an even better thing. To be able to play two amazing games remade for next gen with all the DLCs pack on disc? Now that's an excellent thing.

And icing on the cake? The current suggested retail price of Metro Redux is $49.99 and ours is $35.99!


PlayStation®4 (First Person Shooter)

So what's so good about Metro? We can only speak for ourselves, so here are our top spoiler free reasons:

1) While most games with morality deal with clear cut choices and prompts, Metro's is much more sophisticated with it's Karma system.

In both games, this subtle approach is based on how a player makes decisions - saving prisoners or compassionately listening to a conversation of the downtrodden? Good karma. Stealing or just doing things morally questionable? Bad karma. In the end, all and every decision will result in the out come of one of many endings, making Metro a game to be experienced over and over.

2) In both games, a lot of focus is put on the traversal between dangerous environments, namely the underground and the surface world. In the underground, a permeating sense of survival horror exists as players are thrust into the murky darkness with only a lighter (night vision if they're lucky), a compass, and a gas mask. For the latter, this is a finite resource, so wandering into an area unprepared is extremely haphazard.

This comes even more to play when players venture to the surface, as radiation and poisonous fumes makes a mask mandatory - there are so many tense moments where one is being chased by hordes of mutants only to have their gas mask break or have the filter run out; to survive, one must think fast and decide whether to push on with what supplies they have or retreat and search for alternative paths to reach their current objective. No imagine that you're lost, in the dark, and gasping for air! TENSE.

3) Also in both games, one of the more prominent features is the lack of the traditional heads-up display. Health is represented by blood splatter, audio cues of laboured breathing; even the gasmasks have cracks on the glass showing how much longer you might have. There is no mini map, and a lack of ammo counters (depends on difficulty) adds to immersion. With guns, you literally have to count the bullets, as they are displayed attached to the gun itself, or that there is a visible magazine. The end result is real immersion, with a focus on how to survive, challenging all fans of FPSes.

4) When we first played Metro 2033, we were amazed with the lighting. Just a fan of the details, being able to shoot out lights for stealth gameplay or to disorientate enemies - this is something we love. Enter Metro: Last Light, and we wondered how we turned on PC Ultra settings on our consoles of the time :) Metro Redux, as it is redone for next gen, is currently one of the most beautifully lit games in existence (unless you count E3 2014 demos huehue).

5) We love future dystopian post apocalyptic settings - it just gets us every time~

It's clear that we love this game, and there are many more reasons why, but we highly recommend that you try Metro: Redux. Whether you're a fan of the originals, or your looking for a highly atmospheric story based FPS (Metro is based on the Russian National best seller Metro 2033) that isn't your run of the mill annual shooter, then Metro Redux might just be the game you are looking for. 

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