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Play-Asia continues to support World Cyber Games Hong Kong Preliminaries – Official shirts now on preorder

As a leading Hong Kong based online retailer of video and PC games, Play-Asia.com always feels committed to the local gaming community.

Hong Kong is a vibrant gaming city, almost everybody plays video games regularly, e.g. on the way to work or school, in the subway, in buses etc. Video gaming is simply everywhere in the city.

Besides a large number of casual gamers, the local e-Sports scene is also getting stronger and larger, reaching a new level of professionalism every year.

One of the key drivers of this positive development of e-Sports in Hong Kong is the World Cyber Games Hong Kong preliminary event, traditionally held on the Ani-Com Comic & Game fair.

The World Cyber Games have grown into the sole gaming event that connects a total of six continents, seventy countries and more than a million participants every year. The WCG truly brought the Olympic spirit to the e-Sports scene.

At Ani-com Comic & Game
fair 2007
Play-Asia.com joined the WCG as a local sponsoring partner of the Hong Kong Preliminaries in 2007 and we are proud to continue this partnership with the WCG Hong Kong.

Hong Kong's gamers deserve a top notch e-Sport event, and we are happy to contribute to the success of the WCG Hong Kong.

Besides a general sponsorship of the event, Play-Asia is happy to endow prizes for the first runners up in all competitions in this year's preliminaries.

The first runner up of the Warcraft competitions (single player event) will receive a store-credit voucher valuing US$ 500 while the two first runner up of the two team events DOTA and Counter-Strike will receive store-credits of US$ 1000 per team.

Furthermore, just like last year, Play-Asia.com will be the exclusive provider of the official WCG Hong Kong T-shirts. Preorder now your personal souvenir of the World Cyber Games Hong Kong 2008 and become part of the event.

WCG 2008 shirts
Official World Cyber Games Hong Kong Preliminary 2008 T-Shirt (Girl Size L) N/A sold
Official World Cyber Games Hong Kong Preliminary 2008 T-Shirt (Girl Size XL) N/A sold
Official World Cyber Games Hong Kong Preliminary 2008 T-Shirt (Guy Size L) N/A sold
Official World Cyber Games Hong Kong Preliminary 2008 T-Shirt (Guy Size XL) N/A sold

Please notice that the T-shirts are all unisex in cutting and the labels "girl" or "guy" refers to the different designs on the logo printed on the garment.

Please notice that you can still get your WCG 2007 T-shirt even if you have missed it last year.

WCG 2007 Apparel
Official World Cyber Games Hong Kong 2007 Sweater Navy Green (Size L) N/A sold
Official World Cyber Games Hong Kong 2007 Sweater Navy Green (Size M) N/A sold
Official World Cyber Games Hong Kong Preliminary 2007 T-Shirt (Size L) N/A sold

WCG 2008 Competition

To determine the fittest amongst the fit, the games will be held in several rounds. Gamers of the team events will first be entered into the pre-preliminaries held between 21st to 27th July and those who qualifies will be invited to the

Players at Ani-com 2007
preliminaries with the participants of the individual events held in Ani-com Comic & Game fair between 1st and 5th of August.

Closely following the end of the preliminaries is the Asian Championship held in Singapore. From 8th to 10th August, national teams throughout Asia will compete for gold medals and prove that they are the best amongst the best within the continent.

Like the Olympics, the Grand Final of this event is passed on to a different country every time to demonstrate the event's global significance. Last year it was held in Seattle, US, this year it will be held in Cologne, Germany.

The finalists who won out in the national preliminaries will have time to refine their skills and prepare for their performances as the finals will be held four months after the regional championships, between 5th and 9th November. A total of eight PC and four Xbox360 games will be featured in the event and the best team sportsmen, strategists, fighters, racers, guitarists etc in the world will be born.

World Cyber Games 2008 Hong Kong Preliminary and onwards

World Cyber Games Hong Kong Preliminaries is fully supported by Samsung and is the star event of the Hong

A view of the WCG 2007
Kong Ani-com Comic & Game fair, held in booth D45, Hall 1 of Exhibition Center, featuring a total of eight games. Five of them are PC-titles while three played on the Xbox360.

Two of the PC games, WarCraft3: DOTA All-Star and Counter-Strike are team events, while the others, such as WarCraft3: Frozen Throne, FIFA Soccer 08 and Need For Speed: Prostreet (all on PC) and Project Gotham Racing 4, Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock and Virtua Fighter 5 (all on Xbox 360) are individual competitions. The best gamers then will be sent off to both the Asian Championship and World Finals as representatives of Hong Kong.

Out of the eight games played in the Hong Kong Preliminaries, five, WarCraft: DOTA All Star, FIFA Soccer 08, Need for Speed: Prostreet, Guitar Hero 3 and Gotham Racing 4 will be featured during the Asian Championship in Singapore.


Play-Asia.com was established in 2002 and has become the leading online retailer in Hong Kong for computer & video games and related toys, soundtracks, and rare, hard-to-find items.

The company offers one of the world's biggest selections of classic games, as well as DVDs, CDs & electronic gadgets.

Play-Asia is local partner of the World Cyber Game Hong Kong Preliminaries since 2007.


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