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Playing with monsters: Poka Poka Ailu Mura, Twinkle Queen, Project Cerberus, Hakuoki: Zuisouroku Portable, Caanoo, Ys Seven, Harvest Moon Grand Bazaar & more! - in Weekly Games Update!

Welcome to this week's Games Update, our weekly summary featuring all new product arrivals from the last seven days. There are quite a few things going on today, the pretty girls fight for the Twinkle Queen throne, the Project Cerberus guys are going against the Kusanagi group and the Monster Hunter Cats are starting their own Poka Poka Ailu village.

MonHun Nikki is the first Monster Hunter spin off game. Instead of realistic and fearsome, everybody became cheerful and cute. Become one of the Airu cats and build your own village.

Farm, fish and take up missions from the guild. Chibi-fied monsters will make their appearances, bring your team of Airus and hunt them down.

This game is linked to Monster Hunter 3 and 2G portables, by using the save data, you can get rare items and skills. So be sure to play all these games in parallel. Networking and multi-player modes are supported, come call your friends to join you in your village via the network modes.

The cat village is exclusive on Sony PSP:

MonHun Nikki: Poka Poka Ailu MuraASIA N/Asold
MonHun Nikki: Poka Poka Ailu MuraJPN US$ 24.901-2w

Sony PSP Bundle Pack
MonHun Nikki: Poka Poka Ailu Mura Premium Pack (PSP-3000 Bundle)JPN N/Asold

Protect your PSP with the cat pouch:

Monster Hunter Character Pouch (Airou)JPN N/Asold

The prettiest ladies from famous PC games have gathered in Milestone to participate in the Twinkle Queen Tournament. No matter what type they are - aggressive go-getter or the laid back tea drinker, they are going to give their all to win the prize and the power to realize their dreams.

Voice actresses who played the roles in the original games will be back to voice the girls. Character themes and other background music will be imported from the originals and arranged for Twinkle Queen. Those who knew the girls, more fun for you. Those who didn't, get to know them now.

One to one, one to many or battle royale? You choose. A maximum of 4 players can join the game at a time, this is an ideal party game for all bishojo and fighter lovers. The game will come in June for Nintendo Wii players.

Let the fight begins on your Nintendo Wii™:

Twinkle QueenJPN US$ 29.991w

Tokita Shouji is seriously injured during a sudden monster attack. Desperate to keep himself alive, he traded vows with Ai, a mysterious girl who could turn her partner into the Armit Cerberus through a process called "Conception".

The Armit is a something like an armor, which gives wearer special powers such as speed, sharp claws and attack force. Meet, and fight other Armits and discover the secret behind the odd Kusanagi organization that causes the monster attack that nearly killed you.

Come meet Ai through your Sony PSP™ and get your own Armit:

Project CerberusJPN US$ 14.991w

Zuisouroku fills in the gaps in the Hakuouki story. You can see the everyday lives of Chizuru and the Shinsengumi members. Discover secrets that the men didn't tell you in the original game and unlock scenarios that are only mentioned briefly in the main story.

Retrace the routes and see new scenes for yourself. This game contains more heart melting moments, delicately drawn CGs and fully voiced scenes. Come meet the Shinsengumi swordsmen and tame the bloodthirsty monster within them.

The Limited Edition comes with metal book mark and a special drama CD. Hakuouki Zuisouroku is now available on Sony PSP™:

Hakuouki: Zuisouroku PortableJPN US$ 79.991w
Hakuoki: Zuisouroku Portable [Limited Edition]JPN N/Asold

Play both games at once with the Twin Pack:

Hakuoki: Zuisouroku Portable [Twin Pack]JPN N/Asold

Game Park Holding's newest Linux based console Caanoo reached us last Saturday, those of you who wants to know more about it, please read this special news. In short, this is a hand held that allows users to create their own games and trade them via the internet; A console created for gamers by gamers.

Go on and adventure with Adol and Dogi in Ys Seven. The two will head off to the Altago continent where large beasts and ancient dragons roam. The game is completely in 3D, so you can better admire the epic fantasy settings. This time, Dogi is not only a helper, but a player character, switch the two of them around between battles to get the upper hand.

Revive the market and the village through your farming skills. Harvest Moon Grand Bazaar gives you a taste of the fun in trading. Plant your crops, keep your animals and sell your products at the market. Be sure to participate in the sports events to win the ladies hearts.

Here is a summary of all the games that came out within the last seven days.

Kane & Lynch 2: Dog DaysJPN US$ 29.991w

Agarest Senki Zero (Compile Heart Selection)JPN N/Asold
Kane & Lynch 2: Dog DaysJPN US$ 32.991w
Major League Baseball 2K10JPN US$ 27.901-2w

Nintendo Wii™
Gold's Gym Dance WorkoutUS N/Asold
Madden NFL 11US N/Asold
Martian Panic (Bundle)US US$ 28.991-2w
NHL 2K11US N/Asold
Twinkle QueenJPN US$ 29.991w

Nintendo DS™
Bae Yong-joon to Manabu Kankokugo DS (Limited Set)JPN N/Asold
GreaseUS US$ 21.901-2w
Harvest Moon DS: Grand BazaarUS US$ 31.9924h
Pe-Jongju to Manabu Kankokugo DS: Date-HenJPN US$ 29.901-2w
Pe-Jongju to Manabu Kankokugo DS: Test-HenJPN US$ 48.901w

Sony PSP™
Ace Combat X2: Joint AssaultJPN US$ 61.991w
Ever17: The Out of Infinity Premium Edition (Best Hit Selection)JPN N/Asold
Hakuouki: Zuisouroku PortableJPN US$ 79.991w
Hakuoki: Zuisouroku Portable [Limited Edition]JPN N/Asold
Hakuoki: Zuisouroku Portable [Twin Pack]JPN N/Asold
Madden NFL 11ASIA US$ 42.901w
Major League Baseball 2K10JPN US$ 47.901w
MonHun Nikki: Poka Poka Ailu MuraASIA N/Asold
MonHun Nikki: Poka Poka Ailu MuraJPN US$ 24.901-2w
Never7: The End of Infinity (Best Hit Selection)JPN N/Asold
NisenochigiriJPN N/Asold
Nisenochigiri [Limited Edition]JPN N/Asold
Phantasy Star Portable 2 (PSP the Best)JPN US$ 37.901-5d
Project CerberusJPN US$ 14.991w
Sakura Sakura: Haru UraraJPN US$ 68.991w
Sakura Sakura: Haru Urara [Limited Edition]JPN N/Asold
The Honto ni Atama o Tsukau Action: Dead Head Fred (Simple 2000 Series Portable Vol. 3)JPN US$ 20.901-5d
The Mahjong (Simple 2000 Series Portable Vol. 1)JPN US$ 20.901-5d
The Shogi (Simple 2000 Series Portable Vol. 2)JPN US$ 21.901-2w
Ys SevenUS N/Asold
Ys Seven (Limited Edition)US N/Asold

GP2X Caanoo Classic Arcade Games Download Card (20,000G)KOR N/Asold
GP2X Caanoo Game System (black/blue)KOR N/Asold
GP2X Caanoo Game System (white)KOR N/Asold
GP2X FunGP G-Money (10,000G)
KOR N/Asold
GP2X FunGP G-Money (20,000G)
KOR N/Asold

Game Guides and Books
Famitsu DS + Wii [October 2010]JPN N/Asold
Hobby Japan [October 2010]JPN N/Asold
Mafia II Signature Series Strategy GuideUS N/Asold
V-Jump [October 2010]JPN N/Asold
Weekly Famitsu No. 1131 (2010 09/09)JPN N/Asold
Ys vs. Sora no Kiseki: Alternative Saga GuidebookJPN US$ 28.905-15d

A separate Video/Music update containing Japanese releases from this week, including new Anime, J-Pop and Movie releases will follow prior end of the week. So J-Pop, Anime and Movie fans, be sure to look out for that one!

Here's a preview of hot games that are expected to come next week:

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (Ultimate Edition)ASIA N/A
HORI Real Arcade PRO.EX Premium VLXJPN N/A
Mafia IIUS N/A

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (Ultimate Edition)ASIA N/A
Mafia IIUS N/A

Nintendo™ Wii
Metroid: Other MJPN US$ 44.99
Metroid: Other MUS N/A

Sony PSP™
Ace Combat: Joint AssaultASIA N/A
Bleach: Heat the Soul 7JPN N/A
Valkyria Chronicles IIUS N/A

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