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Poetry surrounds us everywhere...

The First Tree
PC | Genre: Adventure Game

Poetry - from the Greek ποιεω (poieo); I create - is an art form where a work, which could be a book, a movie or a video game is capable to convey emotions or ideas to the reader's, spectator's or player’s mind.
Talking about video games, poetry is often used among the indie games when developers can create unique and special titles that can show what can they do with just using their own brains and imagination without the pressure that could arrive from a multi-billion dollar company.

For all of those who are looking for games that break the mold bringing a ray of light through the large AAA clouds, there’s The First Tree, a new exploration adventure title developed by David Wehle.
As many games are inherently violent, The First Tree renounces to this formula to bring out the developer's intended reaction in gamers; how can a game bring strangers together and create an unforgettable bond based on a fox trying to find her missing family, and a young couple dealing with a tragedy in theirs?

Centered around these two parallel stories, the player will control the fox discovering during the journey the artifacts who arrives from the young couple's life. Not really an adventure, a puzzle, and a fox simulator this work of art is all of them enriched with a sad and sweet story that could bring down a tear.

Would you believe that by playing a game with merely 3 hours of gameplay would wash away all the bad memories from previous titles that promised but never delivered? The First Tree is that game, and if you’ll try it, you’ll discover how important this game is in the ever-changing world of video games. If you like deep narrative games with gorgeous visuals, and beautiful piano pieces, don’t look further because this is simply the game for you.

Love; Parting and Sorrow; Inspiration; Memory…encompassing a broad range of emotions you can have a wonderful experience at the price of a movie ticket.

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