Pokemon Heart Gold Soul Silver Perfect Guide

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新しくなったジョウト地方のあらゆるヒミツを大公開!『ポケットモンスター ハートゴールド・ソウルシルバー』で、ジョウト地方のシナリオの流れと攻略法、手に入るポケモンやどうぐの情報、両バージョンのちがいなど、を完全網羅!ジョウト地方のポケモン256匹の図鑑ページは、入手法や覚えるわざ、ポケスロン時のパフォーマンス、成長率などがまとめてわかる等、図鑑、データリストの情報も充実!ポケスロンの全10種目で高得点をとるコツなど、今作の新要素もバッチリフォローしているよ。

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Gr8 book
This book is wonderful, a Must have for any fan or player of Pokemon Heartgold and Soulsilver. It has strategies, a detailed guide for the game, as well as information on all pokemon as well. With attack list, to item list. this Book has it all!
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Beautiful guide!
This book is a great item for a gift! If you like Pokemon, you will love this guide. It's so colorful and amazing, with lots of images and information! BEST!
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Pokémon Master Must-Have!
This officially licensed guidebook features lots of tips, hints, & strategies to help players, whether newbies or those who have played other versions in beating the game!
It is not limited to guides about the locations of places, gym leaders, it is basically complete in order to finish the game!
Included are guides for newbie Pokémon players, tips & tricks in beating the Gym Leaders, details about the characters which of course includes the Gym Leaders & Team Rocket, Pokédex Data which also features where specific Pokémon are found, their movelists, plus exclusive info on the Pokéwalker, Pokéathlon, maps, type chart listings, etc.
For those seeking perfection in their teams, the contents of this guidebook really helps a lot especially when to evolve a Pokémon or to wait for it to learn a specific move, it is all listed here!
For those aiming to be the top Pokémon Master, this guidebook is truly a must!
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Heart Gold / Soul Silver Guide
Excellent guide with information on the 251 Pokémon of the game. Reccomended to people who want to practice your japanese too ^^
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Heart Gold and Soul Silver Guide
Quite impressive, it is much more efficient and compact then the English version, it is nice to be able to flip to a certain area of the book for information, I guess the only catch in this is knowing Japanese, which shouldn't be a problem for anybody that buys this of course. The game mechanics was also quite detailed in this guide which I always think seem is very lacking in English guides. It really helped going through the story mode. The only bad part was that there was no coverage in the book about the events you have to do in Kanto. That would have been good too. Overall a good guide though.
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