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Pokemon VS Digimon! Catch a ride on this nostalgic trip!

Ladies and gentleman, sit tight as we take a nostalgia trip back to the golden days where we would wait in front of our TVs for Pokemon and Digimon to air!


From the popular series Digimon Adventure, toy manufacturer Banpresto announced the release of the plushies from the original DigiDestined Digimon! Grab onto your Digivices, folks!

Releasing in February 2016, Patamon, Gatomon, and Gomamon will come in 11cm. Availability is limited so act fast!

Digimon Adventure Plush: PatamonJPN sold
Digimon Adventure Plush: GatomonJPN sold
Digimon Adventure Plush: GomamonJPN sold

Releasing in March 2016, Agumon, Biyomon, and Tentomon will come in 12cm. In addition, there is also a bigger, more cuddle-able Gatomon at 25cm!

Digimon Adventure Ball Plush: AgumonJPN sold
Digimon Adventure Ball Plush: BiyomonJPN sold
Digimon Adventure Ball Plush: TentomonJPN sold
Digimon Big Plush: GatomonJPN sold


It might be wise to go stock up on your Pokeballs as we revisit these overwhelmingly cute Pokemons!

Releasing in February 2016, the starting Pokemons from Pokemon Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow are available in 12cm! Between Pikachu, Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur, which one will you choose? Availability is very limited so act fast!

Pocket Monsters Plush: PikachuJPN sold
Pocket Monsters Plush: CharmanderJPN sold
Pocket Monsters Plush: BulbasaurJPN sold
Pocket Monsters Plush: SquirtleJPN sold

Releasing in March 2016, these wild Pokemons from Pokemon XY & Z are also available in 12cm!

Pokemon XY & Z Plush: EeveeJPN sold
Pokemon XY & Z Plush: GlaceonJPN sold
Pokemon XY & Z Plush: LeafeonJPN sold
Pokemon XY & Z Ball Plush: VaporeonJPN sold
Pokemon XY & Z Ball Plush: JolteonJPN sold
Pokemon XY & Z Ball Plush: FlareonJPN sold


Releasing in January 2016, the previously announced Pocket Monster 20th Anniversary Pikachu comes in his original loveable chubby state at 25cm!

Pocket Monsters 20th Anniversary Plush: PikachuJPN sold

If you're more of an Eevee fan, a big 26cm Eevee plush and two different 27cm Eevee face cushions (normal and wink versions) are releasing in March 2016!

Pokemon XY & Z Big Plush: EeveeJPN sold
Pokemon XY & Z Rounded Big Cushion: Eevee Wink Ver.JPN sold
Pokemon XY & Z Rounded Big Cushion: Eevee Normal Ver.JPN sold


Be careful, these Mew plushes have been rated too cute to resist (by Play-Asia.com)! I mean, who DOESN'T love Mew? Availability for all I Love Mew plushes are very limited so act fast!

At 26cm, we have a sitting Mew plush releasing in January 2016 and a sleepy Mew plush releasing in February 2016!

Pocket Monsters Big Plush: I Love Mew JPN sold
Pocket Monsters Big Plush: I Love Mew -Sleepy Mew- JPN sold

Releasing in February 2016, this huge 32cm Mew face cushion will be daring you to hug it during your TV sessions!

Pocket Monsters Big Face Shape Plush: I Love MewJPN sold

If you just want a smaller vanity Mew, these 13cm I Love Mew releasing in January 2016 comes in 4 different poses: standing, sitting, sleepy, and laughing!

Pocket Monsters Plush: I Love Mew Standing Ver.JPN sold
Pocket Monsters Plush: I Love Mew Sitting Ver.JPN sold
Pocket Monsters Plush: I Love Mew Sleepy Ver.JPN sold
Pocket Monsters Plush: I Love Mew Laughing Ver.JPN sold

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