Popular Songs Meets City Pop Era

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Reconsidering the period from the major revolution of popular songs to the eve of J-POP through the testimonies of the people involved in the ``100 best songs''!! The 1970s, when popular songs were still flourishing. In the early 1990s, J-POP began to flourish as it continued to refine itself after encountering so-called "city pop" artists, or "new talents" and undergoing a period of great change that began in the 1980s. In this book, we have selected 100 songs from a unique perspective from the masterpieces born in those eras. Featuring plenty of interviews with producers, songwriters, singers, and other people directly involved in the scene at the time, this carefully crafted guidebook takes a fresh look at the "touch points" that tend to be overlooked in the current view of city pop!
■ Part 1: "Popular Songs Meets City Pop" 100 famous songs
■ Part 2: People involved in popular songs talk about the era of great change


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