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POST TOKYO GAME SHOW 2014: Play-Asia.com's Top Picks!

Tokyo Game Show, one of our favorite times of the year has just finished. And like every year, we're left with a lot of announcements and reveals. So let us share with you the games that we are truly looking forward to play!
And of course, once we have more updates, we will keep you posted here at Play-Asia.com.
Click the Video Link for the Trailer, and the title for all versions!

Nintendo 3DS™ - Action RPG 
Release: JPN [Oct 11, 2014] - USA [March 2015]

We've been waiting for the localized version of MH4 for quite some time, and we know that a lot of our customers have felt the same way. What's best about this release is that Ultimate will recieve all the wonderful updates from 4G! 

The added monsters, the new skins for Felyne companions, the fact you get to climb on monsters, and local + online co-op? Count us in!

PlayStation®3 - JRPG
Release: JPN [Jan 22, 2015] World-Wide [Q2 2015]

We've already made clear in our previous posts that the Tales of series is highly regarded here at Play-Asia.com. Knowing that the next Tales of "mothership" title is just around the corner, there's been a lot of "YAPPARI!" being screamed at the office.

Especially when this Tales of promises to harken back to the days of high fantasy Tales of with an emphasis on dragons - this with the new take on open world battle with Dragon Ball Z style fusions is making us very very excited.

PlayStation®Vita - JRPG
Release: JPN [Q3, 2015]

Revealed at TGS, Zodiac has been described as "Final Fantasy meets Valkyrie Profile and Dragon's Crown in a new online multiplayer experience." 

Which is nice and all, but when we heard about the two men involved with the project, it's almost like an instabuy for JPRG fans. With Hitoshi Sakimoto, god-tier composer for OSTs like Final Fantasy Tactics, Dragon's Crown, and Tactics Ogre plus Kazushige Nojima, writer for FFVII, FFVIII, FFX, Kingdom Hearts, and Kingdom Hearts II - SAIKYO TEMU DA!

PlayStation®3 - JRPG
Release: JPN + ASIA [Oct 02, 2014] US [Dec 02, 2014] EU [Dec 05, 2014]

We know that there has been a lot of HD Remixing going on, but this is one of the titles we don't mind playing again. Call it nostalgia, or just love for a really good game, 2.5 HD ReMIX follows the path of KH HD ReMIX in the amount of content we're dying to play again. With KH II: Final Mix, PSP title KH: Birth by Sleep Final Mix, both formerly exclusive to the Japanese market, plus the HD remastered cinematic cut-scenes from the NDS title Kingdom Hearts Re:coded, this is the REEEMMMIXXX.

Nintendo 3DS™ - Action RPG
Release: JPN [Dec 18, 2015]

Back in the Gamecube days, there was a gem of title called Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, and while fun, it enjoyed mixed reviews. We remember the difficultly setting up 4 GBAs just to play co-op, but when it worked, it was definitely memorable.

With the wireless features of the 3DS, and a lot of fanservice content, we're happy to see that this action adventure featuring a strong FF vibe is being revisited again.

PlayStation®4 Xbox ONE™ - Action RPG
Release: US [Mar 17, 2015] JPN +ASIA [Mar 19, 2015] EU [Mar 20, 2015]

A near perfect game for the PSP, FF Type-0 is a game that many of you have been waiting for. So it's almost mindblowing that this is coming out for the PS4 and Xbox One! 

What's really mind blowing though, is the bonus news, that every copy will come with a demo download code for the big one: Final Fantasy XV. It's like our collective patience has finally rewarded us! 

PlayStation®4 Xbox ONE™ PlayStation®3 Xbox 360™ - Fighting
Release: TBA 2015

Anyone who's been a Dragon Ball fan will remember at one stage of trying to mimic Akira Toriyama's artwork - there was something so special about giant spikey hair and 45 degree eyebrows :)

With Bandai Namco's new DB game though, console players can finally make their own DBZ character and take them on an epic fighter's journey - this premise alone already has us power readers exploding!

Nintendo 3DS™ - JRPG
Release: TBA 2015 

Many of those who took a brave chance on SquareEnix's new RPG series found themselves extremely surprised including ourselves; it's been so long since we've played something that reminded us of why we enjoyed JRPGs in the first place! 

With the second installment around the horizon, it's finally time to pick off where the ending cliff hanger left us! 

PlayStation®4 - Action RPG
Release: JPN [Feb 5, 2015] US [Feb 6, 2015]

Play-Asia.com has made it clear that we've been fans of the Souls series since day one - we just love that suffering :3

So with Bloodborne coming out in a few months, we look forward to what Miyazaki-san, the master of punishment and pendant trolling has in store for us. HURT ME NOW BLOODBORNE! 

PlayStation®4 Xbox ONE™ PlayStation®3 Xbox 360™ - Survivial Horror
Release: JPN [Q2, 2015] US [Q1, 2015]

Could this be the new rennaisance for Resident Evil? It's good that they are carrying the momentum of going back to their roots~

We throughly enjoyed the first one for the 3DS; exploring a delerict ship with slimy leech looking monsters somehow resonated our primoridial sense of fear for all things icky, and having Jill keep us company through the episodes made it that much better. So here's round 2 with CLAIRE REDFIELD!!!

PlayStation®4 - JRPG
Release: TBA 2015

This is as slick as JRPGs go folks. 

If Persona 4 Golden was any indication of what's to come, then we are ready to step into the lion's den again and again, even with misinterpreted lyrics. 

So while we rabidly wait, we'll have to satiate ourselves with the new Persona 4 Arena and Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth~

PlayStation®4 Xbox ONE™ PlayStation®3 Xbox 360™ - Stealth Action 
Release: TBA 2015

We almost feel that the reason why this game is taking so long to come out is because Trolljima Hideo Kojima has more in store for us. 

Regardless, the more we see about this game, the more we want it - who can deny the Fox Engine, the draw of a massive world built just for stealth, sophisticated day/night cycles, and HORSES? We can't!



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