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PRE-ORDER HIGHLIGHTS: Strider Hiryu, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, The Witch And The Hundred Knights & Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars!

Welcome to our Weekly Pre-Order News! 2014 has officially started for gamers as new titles are just around the horizon!

Make sure to check out two of the JRPGS released for the US as they both come with a soundtrack and the Strider Collector's Edition - an especially difficult item to get due to exclusivity!


WiiU [Platforming]

Finally! One of the best examples of solid console platforming is finally ready for pre-order; Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze will be out Feb 21st for the US market.

Featuring a brand new adventure between the Kong clan consisting of Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Dixie Kong and Cranky Kong in his first foray as a playable character, only quick reflexes, sharp observation skills and tactical usage of a companion character will help the gang reclaim their home from an unseen foe: the Snomads - anthropromorphic vikings animals bent on raiding and freezing everything in their path. 


Donkey Kong Country: Tropical FreezeWii UUS sold


PlayStation®3 [Action RPG]

From the all-star team that brought forth the venerable Disgaea series comes their newest title! The Witch and the Hundred Knights is an action RPG about Metallia, a beautiful swamp witch who uses her charms to forge a contract with the legendary Hundred Knight with the intent of defeating her rival witch.

As the Hundred Knight, whatever your mistress beckons, you must obey. Explore the myriad stages of Medea and destroy magical pillars that block Metallia's ambition. Featuring quick action combined with RPG mechanics, equip up to five different weapons simultaneous for varied and creative combos! And while you're at it, terrorize the homes of local NPCs for loot and notoriety!

This version has Billingual in-game voices (Jap + Eng) and comes with the official OST "Metallia: The Dark Album." 

Street date is scheduled for Mar. 25th!

The Witch and the Hundred KnightPlayStation 3 (PS3)US sold



Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars is a sequel to Conception: Ore No Kodomo O Undekure, a game exclusive to the Japanese region. For the sequel, it is the first one of the series to ever have localization, and this standalone story will be available for the PlayStation Vita and Nintendo 3DS.

In Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars, players take on the role of a young man starting his education to be a Disciple, gifted with the divine powers of the Star Gods. Disciples can combine powers with seven heroines. Together, they'll create ethereal creatures called “Star Children” to aid and fight for them in battles. Indeed, it's baby-making time! It brings a new meaning to the phrase “after-school activities”. These feisty progeny then take their parents' skills and lead the turn-based action against the evil monsters of the Pandora Labyrinths.

Exclusive to both versions is the "“Conception 2 Original Soundtrack CD” - a 10 track CD for insight into the beautiful compositions of Conception!

Street date has been announced: Apr 15th!

Conception II: Children of the Seven StarsNintendo 3DS (3DS)US US$ 29.991-5d
Conception II: Children of the Seven StarsPlayStation®Vita (PS Vita)US US$ 34.991w

STRIDER HIRYU (e-capcom Special Class A Limited Edition) 

PlayStation®3 [Action Platformer]

The return of one of most ferocious ninjas from the videogame world is upon us. In this high profile remake inspired by Strider Hiryu's arcade adventure as well as elements from the original NES console release, expect the fastest action possible in a 2D world filled with dangerous secrets. Defeat the despot Grandmaster Meio with the help of the Cypher, a blade so advanced that only a capable hero can use. 

Also designed with the metroidvania-esque title Shadow Complex in mind and with move-sets directly translated from Strider's appearance in the Marvel VS Capcom series, this long-awaited release is set to slice, dice and sever your brain bag into little itty bitty pieces!

In the e-capcom Special Class A Limited Edition contents included are:

  • "Visual Chronicle" Art book with assets from all of Strider's missions
  • "Sound Chronicle" Soundtrack on 3 Audio CDs
  • 1 Card and Sticker Set
  • 1 Strider Face Mask
  • 1 Strider Emblem Patch
  • 1 Clear File and Stationary Spacer
Strider HiryuPlayStation 3 (PS3)JPN sold
Strider Hiryu [e-capcom Special Class A Limited Edition]PlayStation 3 (PS3)JPN sold

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