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Pre-order News: The Witch and the Hundred Knights, FFXIII-2 DLC Collection, Earth Defense Force 4, The Evil Within

It's that time again - our Weekly Pre-Order Game news! There are tons of great games coming out, as well as new content for some favorites. Fight aliens or command whole armies in this week's pre-order news. 


PlayStation3™ [RPG] - Region Free

From the makers of the acclaimed Disgaea series comes an action RPG in which being bad can be a good thing! Full of the same dark humor and mischief beloved by fans, The Witch and the Hundred Knights tells of two witches locked in a vicious, hundred‐year feud. As the Swamp Witch (a self‐proclaimed genius), players will command 100 powerful Knights in hopes of finally defeating her long time foe, the Forest Knight. Choose your alignment carefully, as your choices will affect nearly everything in the game all the way down to the interaction with the NPCs.

Majo to HyakkiheiJPN US$ 54.991w
Majo to Hyakkihei [Limited Edition]JPN US$ 136.991w
The Witch and the Hundred KnightUS sold
The Witch and the Hundred KnightsEUR US$ 35.9924h

PlayStation3™ XBox360™ [RPG]

This release in the hugely successful Final Fantasy franchise will contain all the DLC for Final Fantasy XIII-2 that has been released for the game last year, and of course the game itself. This means all outfits, enemies, weapons, and scenarios that you might have been reluctant to obtain for one reason or another are compiled in one easy location!

It is notable that the cross-over costumes from "Mass Effect," "Assassin's Creed," and Serah's "AKB48" outfit will not be included in the package. 

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Digital Contents SelectionJPN US$ 79.991-5d
Final Fantasy XIII-2 Digital Contents SelectionJPN sold

PlayStation3™ XBox360™ [Action]

Also referred to as Earth Defense Force 2025, this game throws the player into a world unified with the common goal of protecting themselves against extraterrestrial invasion. The game kicks off 8 years from the previous game, where the humans of Earth have taken advantage of the alien technology left behind and expanded themselves. 

The defenses are composed of 4 soldier classes: Ranger (foot infantry), Wing Diver (female airborne fighters), Air Raider (an aerial support), and Fencer (heavily armored infantry). 

Earth Defense Forces 4JPN US$ 66.991w
Earth Defense Force 4 [Best Price Version]ASIA sold
Earth Defense Forces 4 [Limited Edition w/ Gold Membership]JPN sold

PlayStation3™/ Xbox360™ PC [Survival Horror]

Shinji Mikami, master and pioneer of the survivial horror genre, has kept gamers in absolute suspense with respect to his secret "Project Zwei;" finally the reveal has been made and it has definitely been worth the wait. Psychobreak, or The Evil Within in the West, is Mikami-San's final directorial debut; this game has been lauded to be the return of real survival horror. Slated 2014.

The Evil WithinEUR US$ 19.992-4w
The Evil Within (DVD-ROM)EUR sold
The Evil WithinEUR sold
The Evil WithinEUR US$ 44.992-4w
The Evil Within (DVD-ROM)US sold
The Evil WithinUS sold
The Evil WithinUS US$ 22.991w
The Evil WithinUS sold


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