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PSN - Be the darkness with Aragami for Playstation 4

PlayStation®4 [Stealth Action Game] - Digital Release US$ 19.99

Act like a real ninja with hand-to-hand combat moves and by climbing, carrying, swimming, moving objects, and concealing bodies into the darkness. When the evil army of the light called "Kaiho", kidnapped Yamiko, the girl that brought you back to life, you chase after her inside their unassailable fortress of Kyuryu to freeing her and uncover the secrets of your previous life.

In Aragami, you're a powerful, undead assassin who has the power to manipulate the shadows to hide, stay invisible, and sneak in behind your targets. Choose your gameplay style: you could kill every opponent you'll find on your path, or, otherwise you could walk silently in the darkness to avoid any unnecessary confrontation.

Inspired by the best stealth titles like Tenchu, Dishonored, Shinobido, and Metal Gear, this game will replicate perfectly all the thrills you could experience when you're trying to act like a shadow assassin.

The visually astonishing anime cel shading art style will throw you in an alternate mystical Land of the Rising Sun to tell you a story of vengeance, spycraft, and battle between light and darkness.

Pick up the power of the darkness and slash a path for yourself!

PSN Card 50 USD | Playstation Network US digital (US)US$ 49.99 24h
PSN Card 20 USD | Playstation Network US digital (US)US$ 21.99 24h
PSN Card 10 USD | Playstation Network US digital (US)US$ 11.99 24h

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