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PSN - Bring Back the Seven Gods of Fortune with Kikikaikai for Playstation 4.

Playstation®4 [Folkloristic Shooting Game] – Digital Release US$ 7.99

Originally released in Japanese Arcades in 1986 by Taito, this fast-paced vertical shooter is focused on Japanese mythology.

When the Seven Lucky Gods has been kidnapped from a band of evil creatures, Sayo-chan, a young miko (Shinto's shrine maiden) bring her Ōfuda cards and Ōnusa wand, and go to the rescue. She'll face some of the most popular goblins from Japanese folklore, so pay attention to the mischievous Rokurokubi, Oni, Foxes, Kasa-Obake and many others, be ready to defeat them before they touch you. During her journey, she'll find some power-ups and hidden items, such as increased firepower, ability to stop time, explosive bombs, etc. that will simplify (a little) the mission.

This game is so popular, that has been ported to numerous consoles and computers (MSX, Famicom Disk System, Super NES, etc.) since its original arcade release, and the main character has made several appearances in other Taito games, such as Rainbow Island, Bubble Symphony, Space Invaders '95, and many others.

Enjoy both Japanese and Overseas versions, and keep an eye on the differences between them.

PSN Card 50 USD | Playstation Network US digital (US) US$ 49.99 24h
PSN Card 20 USD | Playstation Network US digital (US) US$ 21.99 24h
PSN Card 10 USD | Playstation Network US digital (US) US$ 11.99 24h

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