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PSN - How guilty are you? Discover it with Psycho Pass: Mandatory Happiness for Playstation 4 and Playstation Vita


Playstation®4, Playstation®Vita [Cyberpunk Visual Novel] – Digital Release PS4 US$ 49.99, PSVita US$ 39.99

In a futuristic world, people's emotions, morality, and mental states can be detected through a device called Dominator. This is a futuristic weapon that can read minds and evaluates the risk that a citizen might become a criminal. Every person has a value called Crime Coefficient which shows if a person can potentially do illegal activities, and if this value is below 100% the person is a peaceful one, above 100%, the person is targeted as “latent criminal”, and apprehended until the criminal coefficient drops below, but if the Coefficient is above 200%, he or she is simply killed on the spot.

The Division 1 of the Public Safety Bureau's Criminal Investigation Division is the group who must prevent crimes checking this value, each team is formed by two people: the Enforcers and the Inspectors. The previous are usually people with high Crime Coefficients, and this is very useful to understand criminal minds, allowing them to sniff out suspects, the latter, instead, are in charge of supervising them during action.

This midquel visual novel, based on the popular and critically acclaimed cyberpunk anime, is set during the first season of the anime. Alpha, is a young criminal who spread chaos in Sado Marine City, an artificial island city off the coast of Japan. He aims to bring people happiness, and to pursue this, he decides to find latent criminals and help them to fulfill their desires.

Nadeshiko Kugatachi and Takuma Tsurugi, are two new detectives assigned to the Division 1, you must help them to take some important decisions during the investigations. Each of them will have repercussion on people's lives, victims could become criminals, and the case could end quicker than expected. The long, non-linear story will leads you to unravel the mystery behind the real Alpha objectives.

Bad intentions can no longer be hidden!

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