16. May, 2011 16:59 (HKT)

Race through the debris: MotorStorm Apocalypse, First Templar, Baby Seal Goma-chan & more!

From the publisher: Once again, the most brutal off-road racing festival is back, and this time the ‘Stormers are bringing the extreme MotorStorm® festival to a major metropolitan city ravaged by a gigantic earthquake.

Filled with unstable skyscrapers, fiery subway tunnels, twisting bridges, and collapsing buildings, the almost completely abandoned city offers the perfect playground for MotorStorm’s electric brand of brutal street racing.

Fully customize your collection of vehicles, including supercars, muscle cars, and superbikes, and face down your fellow ‘Stormers as well as a city where destruction awaits you at every turn.

With tremors and aftershocks continuing to hit the city in real-time, players will be faced with making quick decisions in a landscape on the verge of total devastation. Welcome to the apocalypse, MotorStorm style!

A relentless racing experience is waiting for PlayStation3™ gamers:

MotorStorm ApocalypseUS US$ 17.991-2w

The Asian version is still available:

MotorStorm ApocalypseASIA N/Asold

From the publisher: The First Templar follows the story of two main characters - a French Templar, and his companion, a noble lady who has been proclaimed a heretic.

Taking control over these two unlikely allies, the player must uncover the mysteries behind the Templar Order, play a role in a grand conspiracy, and discover the secret of the Holy Grail. The heroes face powerful opponents at every turn, in the face of the Saracen, King Philip IV of France and the Inquisition.

The game also features both single player and co-op modes. When playing solo, the player can switch between the two characters, leaving the control of the second hero to the game's AI. At any moment a second player can join in and take control of the AI controlled hero.

Unravel the mysteries surrounding the Holy Grail:

First TemplarASIA US$ 47.905-15d
First TemplarUS US$ 15.991-2w

PC Game
The First Templar (DVD-ROM)ASIA US$ 39.901w
First Templar (DVD-ROM)US US$ 39.905-15d

Adopt a seal. Goma-chan has fallen off a truck and is waiting for someone to take him home. Plump, large eyed and very friendly, this seal is a suitable companion to a child or adult. Like all baby seals, Goma-chan is covered in fluffy, downy fur that's smooth to the touch.

The baby seal is around 40 x 20cm, a perfect size to hold in your arms. The stuffing is lighter and softer than regular dolls, so you can squeeze it tight when Goma-chan's cuteness is too much to bear. Slip him under your back and use him as a cushion, or rest your head on him to use him as an afternoon nap pillow.

Goma-chan is looking for a new home:

Shonen Ashibe Super DX Plush Doll: Goma-chanJPN N/Asold

Also available today:

Brink Prima GuideUS N/Asold

Facebook Cards
Facebook Card (US$ 10 / for US accounts only)US N/Asold
Facebook Card (US$ 15 / for US accounts only)US N/Asold
Facebook Card (US$ 25 / for US accounts only)US N/Asold


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