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Reach out to Paradise: Burnout Paradise The Ultimate Box, save your father - Another Code R, find your destiny - Destiny Links, detectives collide - Conan & Kindaichi no Jikenbou & more!

From the publisher: Burnout Paradise Party brings the social fun of Burnout Paradise into an offline environment where friends can pass the pad to play competitively.

There are dozens of quick-fire, turn-based challenges where players compete in different stunt, speed and skill events.

In addition to Burnout Paradise Party, Burnout Paradise The Ultimate Box will include a host of new features including a restart option added for racing, easier control of the early vehicles, and for the PLAYSTATION®3 computer entertainment system the new Burnout™ Paradise Network.

Burnout Paradise Network is another Burnout Paradise social innovation that enables players to keep track of friends and keep up with all the latest Burnout news from either inside or outside the game.

Join a group of like minded friends and start out for the race course. Burnout Paradise The Ultimate Box is available on Xbox360™ and PlayStation3™ as Asian versions for the same price of US$ 42.90 only.

Japanese versions for Xbox360™ and PlayStation3™ are arriving this Thursday and are currently available for preorder.

After finding out the truth about her mother's death and the system “Another”, which controls memories, Ashley returns home with her father, who promised her that he would make up the lost time between them.

However, before a year ends, he breaks his promise, heads back to the research labs and left his daughter behind.

Just when Ashley begins to lose the last shred of hope on her father, he sent her an invitation to go camping. However, is this a reprise of their last adventure, with more deadly elements and brain twisting puzzles?

Your father may be engaging in dangerous business again, go save him one more time. Another Code:R - Kioku no Tobira is availble on Nintendo Wii™ as a Japanese version.

Another Code: R - Kioku no TobiraJPN US$ 19.99

The adventure starts this moment!

Decide on your character and sail forth to Amazia, an island of happiness. The existence of this island and the people who made use of the dream machine has been a mere fairy tale.

However, when a witness sails back to the city port and reports that such an island do exist, the king sent his team of explorers to the sea.

Each of the protagonists have their reasons for wanting the dream machine, join their ranks and learn about their true objectives as well as your destiny.

Find the dream machine and live happily ever after. Destiny Links is available on Nintendo DS™ as a Japanese version.

Destiny LinksJPN US$ 24.99

Ever wondered what will happen when two of Japan's best detectives meet? Will there be fireworks or will there be murders?

Meguri au futari no Meitantei is the place where Kindaichi and Conan collide, with the detective badges and other handy gadgets, the two could communicate, share ideas as they sleuth around for clues.

Besides the detectives, their love interests and friends such as Miyuki and Ran will also make their appearances. See if their relationships could progress with the case as well.

People have been disappearing on Yuyami island and Conan was invited to investigate on the scene. On the other hand, Kindaichi received an invitation from his friend to the island, for different purposes they went and for the same case the two met.

Delve into the brains of two of Japan's most famous detectives, Meguri au Futari no Meitantei is available for Nintendo DS™ as a Japanese version.

Detective Conan & Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbou: Meguri au 2-Jin no MeitanteiJPN US$ 78.99

The tubes that are placed in the playground provided a lot of potential places for children to hide, however, when it was Doraemon's turn to hide in it, he only hid his body, leaving his face, hands and bottom out in full view. Give his limbs a tweak or a squeeze when you feel particularly mischievous.

The ear-less robotic cat is very much at home in his metal tube, he also thinks that he is very well hidden, look at his relaxed, or snickering expressions. But doubtlessly, as a bright eyed person, you have spotted him and is ready to catch him. Leave him in the tube, he makes a wonderful cushion for your sore back this way.

The Doraemon cushions are priced at:

Doraemon Cushion (Version A)JPN N/A
Doraemon Cushion (Version B)JPN N/A

Toro and Kuro have ran here, after turning into long plushes and TV stools, they are now back to their normal plushy selves. But knowing these two eccentric friends, they could only be semi-normal.

With impossibly large heads and almost scrawny bodies, the two are dressed in sumo get-ups, ready to compete in this round's games.

Place them on your chair or sofa as cushions their large heads can support a big portion of your back with a choice of black or white these cats can go with various color schemes of your room.

Not quite soft or tame, Toro and Kuro adds a hint of personality to your home.

Adopt Toro and Kuro now, they are priced at:

Dokodemoissyo Plush Doll: KuroJPN N/A
Dokodemoissyo Plush Doll: ToroJPN N/A

As one of the few visual novel games that recieves a score of 40/40 from the Famitsu judges, 428 Fuusa Sareta Shibuya offers a cinematic experience that seldom appears in games.

With abduction, dirty secrets, forgotten pasts and suspense permeating the air, the game draws the players into the TV screen and take them on a roller coaster ride through Japan's most interesting district, Shibuya.

With modern Japan and the crowded urban district as its settings, the OST portrays the excitement of the dwellers, their anxiety, the eeriness of the mystery as well as the general awesomeness of the game.

The Original Soundtrack of the cinematic game has arrived and is priced at:

428: Fuusa Sareta Shibuya de Original SoundtrackJPN US$ 37.99

Also in stock today:

Nintendo DS™
Chibi Maruko-Chan DS: Maru-Chan no MachiJPN N/A sold


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