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RELEASE HIGHLIGHTS: Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, Bravely Default, Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc & The LEGO Movie Videogame!

Welcome to our Weekly Release Highlights! For this week, it seems to be the first salvo of releases for the month of Feb; all the titles hear are definitely sure to please! And if you've already pre-ordered these, then expect to see them soon cause we'll be shipping all of these now!


Nintendo 3DS™ [RPG]

A quick primer for those unfamiliar with Bravely Default, this turn based RPG game is considered as the spiritual successor to Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light with characters and scenarios by Naotaka Hayashi of Stein's Gate fame.

In this version based on the Japanese Bravely Default: For the Sequel, a salvo of new options and features are available such as the option to change battle speed and difficulty, the aforementioned language additions, extra story and battle events, multliple save files, and a revamped battle system which will be used in the actual sequel.

Lauded as one of the best RPGs for the 3DS, prepare yourself for one of the most fantastical journeys yet. 

This release contains in game an option for the original Japanese Voiceovers.

Bravely DefaultNintendo 3DS (3DS)US US$ 44.9924h



PlayStation®3 PlayStation®Vita PlayStation®4 Xbox360™ Xbox ONE™ WiiU™ 3DS™ [Action Adventure]

Whenever we hear "movie tie-in" most gamers start to become very sceptical - and they have every reason to be. However TT Games, the developer of The LEGO Movie Video Game, has a great track-record when it comes to LEGO games and has earned the trust of many LEGO fans around the world.

If they continue the trend of gameplay from previous LEGO titles, and all evidence supports that they will, then The LEGO Movie Video Game should be a worthy title to add to any gamer's collection (not to mention it is one of the few 'next gen' titles). If you are unfamiliar with previous LEGO titles the game will most likely put players in control of various characters from the movie, making use of various LEGO pieces to make their way through levels.  

What will change is that for the first time in the series, environments will be completely made out of LEGO blocks and pieces - as well as adding the 'Builder' character type, and a bit of gameplay depth, to the franchise. There will be two types of builders: Regular Builders who require instruction pages (obtained throughout levels) to construct objects. Using the collected pages, players follow the instructions to build objects with specific pieces. Master Builders have the ability to grab LEGO pieces from the environment and use them to create something entirely new!

 Find the list of all versions and regions here!


PS®Vita [Visual Novel Adventure]

For those new to visual novels, Trigger Happy Havoc weaves a visceral tale that suspends disbelief. In this universe exists a school called The Hope's Peak Academy, a place where the ultimate representitives of society's many facets gather. Joining the ranks of top shelf talent is Makoto Naegi, the "Ultimate Lucky Student" as his Academy entry is based on a lucky raffle.

Upon entering, Makoto and several other students fall unconscious only to wake up trapped in a murder mystery game seemingly organized Monokuma, a sadistic remote controlled bear. His demands are clear, kill a fellow student, get away with it and escape. Can the Ultimate Lucky Student survive admist an atmosphere of zero trust and 100% danger?

Based on the cult classic PSP game that spawned popular manga and anime adaptations, Dangan Ronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc is considered to be the definitive remake for modern audiences. Featuring a slick HD rehaul, Touch screen functionality as well as a new post game alternate mode, this version will be sure to surprise veterans and newcomers alike. 

Gameplay will be instantly familiar for those who have played the Ace Attorney series, and players will challenge their perception in mini games and logical investigations with a focus on diabolical debates at breakneck speeds. In fact, this game has been considered as a hyper-fast demented version of Ace Attorney - even in the name itself, Dangan Ronpa stands for Bullet Rebuttal. 

Danganronpa: Trigger Happy HavocPlayStation®Vita (PS Vita)US sold


PlayStation®3 Xbox360™ [Action RPG]

I'm more powerful than I ever was, but it came with a price. I'm not even sure if I'm human anymore.” —Lightning

Awakening from her slumber and charged with being humanity's champion, Lightning will face her greatest challenge yet, and the epic drama that unfolds will dictate the fate of all. 

In Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, embark on the final journey of one of Square Enix's most celebrated heroines. This entry in the "Fabula Nova Crystallis" subseries brings closure to the travails of Lightning; it is a fitting send off to have many staple Final Fantasy gameplay mechanics change as this venerable series prepares itself for future releases.

Core gameplay changes include the first ever time limitation; the world of Nova Chrysalia and the 13 days are set to a 24 hour clock ensuring a new experience per playthough wherein certain NPCs and missions can only be activated if Lightning is at the right place at the right time. 

As well, gone are the static battles which are replaced by actual action RPG gameplay - all enemies can be seen in the gameworld removing random battle encounters in favor for an arena-esque Lightning versus all mode; ATB is still active with a focus on strategic decisions such as attacking, dodging, and even countering in realtime.

As an added incentive, within the first two weeks of release, Square Enix will have the Japanese Voice Packs as a free DLC!

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIIIPlayStation 3 (PS3)US US$ 14.9924h
Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIIIXbox360 (360)US US$ 29.991w
Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIIIPlayStation 3 (PS3)EUR sold
Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII (English)PlayStation 3 (PS3)ASIA sold
Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII (English)Xbox360 (360)ASIA sold


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