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RELEASE HIGHLIGHTS: Sengoku Basara 4, Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z, and Utagumi 575!

Welcome to our Weekly Release Highlights! Every week we focus on games that we think you might find interesting. As for this week - we have some titles you've really been waiting for! 


PlayStation®3 [Hack + Slash]

Sengoku Basara 4 is definitely a crowd pleaser, Sengoku Basara is Capcom's answer to the popular one versus many genre of historical beat em ups! Like all Sengoku Basara Games, the fourth one is once again based on the tumultuous Warring States period of ancient Japan where unification of the nation was the result; while accurate documents of the era exists, the fun is in paving the way for the actual event - hack and slash style! 

Featuring the same sharp contemporary athestic and unique character design, enter battles loosely based on historical moments of how the Sengoku period bega Gameplay wise so far, there have been over 40 confirmed characters, a "brother in arms" three-player tag-team attack, ridiculous enemy soldier formations, and an alternate "what if?" mode.

Find the list of all versions and regions of Sengoku Basara 4 here!


PlayStation®3 PlayStation®Vita Xbox 360™ [Fighting]

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z takes DBZ games to their ultimate form (or at the very least one of many)! Presented for the first time at the 2013 Tokyo Game Show, Battle of Z is an action fueled versus fighter that does justice to Akira Toriyama's Super Saiyan Epic.

Featuring almost every character from the series, and debuting in video game form 20Goku's Super Saiyan God mode as well as Bills and Wiss (exclusive for consoles), charge up and take on several modes of DBZ goodness. Play the traditional story documenting all the arcs from the manga, fight online in 4 player co-op or take it even further with an 8 player battle royale!

Find the list of all versions and regions of Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z here!


PlayStation®Vita [Rhythm]

Utagumi 575 is a game that creates new ground for a genre; by taking literary sensibilities and mixing it with popular Japanese music, the Haiku - a Japanese poetic form that follows the strict rule of 3 lines following 5 to 7 to 5 syllables per line - a new style of gameplay is invented. Instead of the formulaic approach of only matching button presses to various tempo based patterns, Utagumi 575 incorporates this with a hiragana guessing game. The result for players is that after fulfilling the correct cadence requirements, a prompt for missing Japanese characters appears, and these are filled in by paying attention to the phrase be displayed, the context of the song, and rules of a Haiku. 

While this may sound complicated, the intuitive user interface makes it easy to instantly transition into this new style of play. In fact, any one who is familiar with games like Hatsune Miku Project Diva F or any Vocaloid games for that matter will feel right at home, as many aspects of this game are developed by Vocaloid contemporaries; aside from gameplay differences, there will definitely be a robust selection of songs.

Graphically, everything is designed with a strong anime influence; from cinematic cutscenes, gameplay and animated movies, everything moves with the fluidity appropriate to a new flagship franchise. It is extremely easy to be charmed by the distinct personalities of protagonists Azuki and Matcha; the former is a free spirited girl who moves and attracts those around her with a vivacious energy and the latter being one of independent though and introspective charisma.

Find the list of all versions and regions of Utagumi 575 here!

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