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Resident Evil Producer Masachika Kawata Considering VR Support for RE7 Beginning Hour Demo

Kitchen [Horror]
Release: October 13, 2016

In today's weekly Famitsu, the editors got an opportunity to interview both Resident Evil producers James Vance and Masachika Kawata about the release of Kitchen VR. When asked towards the end of the interview if Beginning Hour, the Resident Evil 7 demo, would get VR support Masachika Kawata replied saying it's "under consideration".

Weekly Famitsu No. 1455 (2016 11/03) (JPN) sold

Check out the translated material below:

Could you please tell us why you decided to release the Kitchen demo alongside the PS VR's release date?

James Vance (Producer): We only planned to showcase the demo at E3 2015 but more people were interested in experiencing the demo and after showcasing the game at several events we saw how tiring it was to set up and that a lot of people would not be able to play it outside of conventions.

Another reason is that we wanted people to have an early VR experience of what can be done in Resident Evil 7.

Also the Kitchen demo will be packed with the VR unit in North America so people across the world will be able to experience it all!

Here in Japan the Kitchen is priced at 100 Yen, may I ask why Japan has to pay for the demo?

Vance: In Japan Kitchen has an age rating of CERO Z (18+) and when it comes to digital games that are CERO Z you will need to confirm your age with a credit card and so we can only confirm it via a purchase so we tried our best to get it as low as we can.

How did you come up with the idea of developing Kitchen?

Kawata Masachika (Producer): As we were developing “RE7” we had various ideas revolving the use of VR and how it could be used effectively in gaming. We decided to make this a part of RE7, but first we wanted to create a project on perfecting the use of VR, since we all had no "know how" on creating VR styled horror games, and although it was a difficult task we managed to complete something we were proud of and we managed to show it off at E3 2015.

After all we learnt and the feedback we received, we knew VR & Horror go hand in hand and decided to go ahead and continue to develop RE7 with the VR element in mind. With VR the horror makes a bigger impact than it would normally do although the game may be playable without the VR headset we suggest giving it a go at some point.

What kind of horror can we expect from Kitchen?

Vance: We wanted the horror to be even more realistic, so being able to experience everything as if you were a part of the game is the vital part of the horror the demo will offer. As previously mentioned, we wanted people to get the feeling of horror that will be available in RE7; and Kitchen is a great way of relaying that in demo form.

The people shown in the RE7 demo “Beginning Hour” also feature in Kitchen, could you tell us the connection between the two?

Vance: Sorry we can’t say anything on that matter haha, although the two games are indeed connected. We’re happy that people found the connection between the two and are now wondering how it will all come together.

Will Kitchen be a playable part within RE7?

Vance: Kitchen is only featured as a demo and will not be in RE7.
Will “Beginning Hour” be playable using the PS VR headset?

Kawata: That is currently under consideration.

Finally do you have any messages for people who are currently enjoying Kitchen?

Vance: Kitchen is a unique horror experience showing off the power of VR with a twist.

Kawata: We hope you get the chance to play Kitchen and shortly after, play RE7 with the VR headset for the ultimate experience.

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