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Restore glory to your Empire!

Fallen Legion: Sins of an Empire
PlayStation®4 | Genre: Action RPG

For several centuries, the royal family ruled over Fenumia, the largest empire the world has ever known making it the world’s first truly international empire, fostering trade, education, and religion throughout their territories and creating an economic system that stretched far and wide. Its power shocked the citizens of the other smaller empires creating envies, and battles to weaken it.

After hundreds of non-stopping attacks, Fenumia seems to be near to its end, and the only hope to restore the Empire is Princess Cecile. Armed with a mysterious grimoire, she arose to avenge the wrongs, rescue the tattered shreds of the Fenumian Empire, and restore order to a shattered world, leading her soldiers through victory after victory against huge armies of rival soldiers, and flocks of flying dragons.

Fallen Legion: Sins of an Empire is a new 2D action-RPG for PlayStation 4 full of branching paths, epic bosses, and a gamut of items, weapons, and secrets. Its beautifully complex hand-drawn art style recalls the Vanillaware masterpieces like Dragon’s Crown, and Odin Sphere, bringing you into a living illustrated dream.
Luckily Princess Cecile will be not alone during her quest, indeed you’ll control four characters simultaneously and due to this, you can perform devastating combo attacks that will let you shake the ground from the roots while you’ll fight in exciting yet extreme real-time battles.

Start a new quest set in a living and breathing universe with giant sprites and even bigger themes. Fallen Legion: Sins of an Empire will bring you into the most frantic phase Fenumian history. Charge into battle to reassemble the Empire, and to preserve it for the next generations!

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