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Return Of The Badass Rumble - KENKA BANCHO 6: SOUL & BLOOD!

Our Product of the week features the return of the badass rumble! From PS2 -> PSP -> 3DS, the latest entrant in the hot-blooded Kenka Bancho series will ask Gamers once again if they can rise to the spot of top dog, delinquent style! 


Nintendo 3DS™ [Action] Release: Jan 15th, 2015

In popular Japanese culture, high schools represent many things - it is a place of zombies, sometimes a prison, and even a harem. But above all else, and while this is farthest from the truth, high school is a war zone where delinquents with laser beam stare downs battle each other to reign dominant as the Bancho!

Enter Kenka Bancho 6: Soul & Blood, a title which can be described as Yakuza set in high school with elements of Persona's school life. Players will enter the fray between Ryuuji Katagiri and Daigo Asahina in epic throw down between two of Japan's most powerful delinquent bosses.

The story takes place within a 3 year span and begins at the school entrance ceremony finishing at graduation. In between all this time, there will be a multitude of sandbox mini games and activities, from surfing, beach volleyball, part time jobs, mahjong, romance, studying (as to why we don't know) and more! There's even a huge wardrobe for character customization, from the mundane to the iconic (the notorious horse head mask and loincloth is 100% CONFIRMED)!

In the midst of all these life fulfilling duties, to an up and coming delinquent, these are just distractions. In terms of battles, the famous "Menchi Beam" returns - literal lasers emit from your characters eyes as well as your opponents, which leads to an insult flinging mini game pre-brawl. When the fighting starts, there are many special moves and combos, presenting an all out free-for-all fit only for the bancho. And when one runs out of CPU opponents to terrify, there is also a ranking battle mode where gamers can put together a team of five thugs for online fights!

Done up completely in a new style of animation that reflects the classic bancho manga style with a return of the series staple seiyuu (voice actors), Kenka Bancho packs the Souls and Blood of gang honour, delinquency, and the springtime of youth all into one portable package for the 3DS.

Kenka Banchou 6: Soul & BloodNintendo 3DSJPN US$ 44.991w 

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