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Romance on your PS2: Become the noble flower in Edel Blume, find light and love in H2O, win the princess's hand in Prism Ark: Awake & more!

Edel Blume is a dating simulation game that takes place in a gothic fantasy world with death and rebirth as its theme.

The story sets stage in medieval Europe, the heroine Meary is orphaned as a child and is brought up by nuns in the village's convent. As her sixteenth birthday draws near, she starts being plagued by nightmares. Although she understands nothing of those dreams nor remembers anything from them, she has a feeling that she has done something utterly horrible in another life.

One day, an aristocrat Gerald pays a visit to Meary's village and requests that the convent send Meary to his castle as his bride. From then onwards, mysterious occurrences start happening in the village.

Read the text and listen to the fully voiced dialogs to proceed with the story. You are presented with options during the game that are going to determine your ending. The game uses an “eyecatch” system that allows you to see how much the characters likes you. You also unlock secret scenes by choosing specific options in a specific order.

Idea Factory's gothic dating simulation game Edel Blume and its limited edition for PlayStation2™ are in stock today, shipping as NTSC J encoded Japanese version for respectively US$ 64.90 and US$ 89.90 only.

Edel Blume [Limited Edition] comes with a comical drama CD and an art book.

Following the release of the hot anime serial, the dating simulation game H2O is brought to your PlayStation2™. Although the storyline is bittersweet, funny scenarios are added into the game to lighten the atmosphere. A blinded youth Hirose Takuma moves from the city with his father to the country side after his mother's untimely death.

In his new high school, he comes to know five charming girls who, in their own way, begins heal his eyes and his loneliness. But it is at the precise moment when he defeats his inner demons and finally sees light that he realizes he has lost something vital to him.

In addition to having more potential girlfriends for Takuma, the developers add in more scenarios, upgrade the system, and insert more dialog into the game.

This game comes with the “flash back chapter” that focuses on the school days of the hero and the heroines, the “reunion chapter” where the hero meets the five heroines again as an adult and the “Ato-Game chapter” that provides a grand finale after Takuma chooses his girlfriend.

Kadokawa Shoten's bittersweet romantic simulation game H2O and its DX Pack version for PlayStation2™ are in stock today, shipping as NTSC J encoded Japanese versions for respectively US$ 64.90 and US$ 89.90 only.

H2O [DX Pack] comes with an original drama CD, a visual book and a poster that features all five heroines.

Prism Ark: Awake is a dating simulation adventure that takes place in a fantasy world. Once upon a time, there was a country called Vintrand. The king and queen of that country were overjoyed to have a new daughter, and just as they were about to bring the new princess to their allied country Viera to be Christianized, they were ambushed by the Sablume empire. The royal family disappeared in the chaos and this caused Viera to retaliate against the Sablume empire.

After years of endless battles, Vintrand was split into two. To prevent another tragedy from happening, the regent of Vintrand, Kisarov formed numerous academy for knights and headed the Rosenberg academy himself. With war and tragedy lurking under the peaceful facade, a youth, Hyaweh, entered Rosenberg.

The first half of the game focuses on Hyaweh's life in the academy and the second part on the war between Sablume, Vintrand and Viera.

5gk's fantasy dating simulation adventure Prism Ark: Awake and its limited edition for Playstation2™ are in stock today, shipping as NTSC J encoded Japanese versions for US$ 64.90 and US$ 89.90.

Prism Ark: Awake [Limited Edition] comes with a CD single that carries the insert song "Yuuki no houseki" sung by Kadowaki Mai and a special guide book.

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