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Ron Kamonohashi: Deranged Detective Vol.1

Blu-ray Region Free
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The person who takes on the challenge of difficult mysteries is a highly unconventional ``great detective''.100% case resolution rate!Criminal arrest rate 0%!? The popular mystery comic currently being serialized in "Shonen Jump +" has been made into a long-awaited TV anime!

At BLUE, the world's top detective training school, there was once a genius who had a unique talent and was seen as promising for the future.Ron Kamonohashi, who has been rumored to be the genius since BLUE opened, is expelled from BLUE and prohibited from being a ``detective'' due to a fatal ``deficiency'' as a detective caused by an incident while she was at BLUE.Five years later, as Ron spends his days feeling discouraged and bored, Detective Todomaru Isshiki from the Metropolitan Police Department's First Investigative Division comes to visit him, asking for his cooperation in a serial murder case, and Ron's time, which had stopped, begins to move again.Isshiki Todomaru, a "pure idiot", learns of Ron's suffering and offers his support out of kindness.Ron calls him ``Toto,'' and senses that there are endless possibilities for the two of them to investigate together, so he appoints Toto as his partner.Ron solves the mystery and Toto investigates.A pair of detectives with a bit of a twist will brilliantly solve mysterious cases...!!