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Rune Factory 3 US version, Beyblade: Metal Fusion, Mindjack, Hunted: Demon's Forge, Okamiden US version & more! - in New Games available for Preorder!

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Don't tell the ladies you can turn into a mokomoko.

Maise is the new amnesiac boy to get the sword and the hoe, and hopefully, marry the girl. Farm crops in your land, defeat monsters in the dungeons, or tame them and keep them in your farm.

Sell your crops or cook them into dishes for more money, if you give them to the ladies as gifts, you might win their favors. Another way to win their hearts is to turn yourself into a fluffy golden lamb. What they are not willing to tell a boy, they might be willing to tell mokomoko.

Turning into a lamb gives you more changes in the dungeons as well, the monsters are not just beasts, they are real characters, as a mokomoko, you can talk to them and gain information.

Rune Factory 3 is being localized for English speaking gamers, it'll be available in December:

Rune Factory 3JPN N/A

Please bear in mind that the screenshots and cover shot is taken from the Japanese version.

Sharpen your Beyblade and get ready for the newest tournament. You can customize your weapons according to your fight style. Every blade has a special skill, time your attacks and unleash it in in the nick of time to turn the tables around.

You will be fighting as one of the original characters and against the bosses you have met in the anime. You can also get your friends together and play a group battle, either play in battle royale style or take on all 3 of them if you are confident.

You can transfer your Beyblades to your Wii Remote Controllers, so whenever you have to fight in your friend's terrain, you can bring your handy blade with you.

We will inform you of Beyblade: Metal Fusion's scheduled release date as soon as we have more information:

Nintendo Wii™
Beyblade: Metal Fusion - Battle FortressUS US$ 32.99

Nintendo DS™
Beyblade: Metal Fusion (Collector's Edition)US US$ 39.99

Hack into the minds of your enemies. MindJack is a battlefield with no limits, the game not only provides you with cutting edge, high power weapons, it also gives you access to your enemies minds. But beware, through that mind controlling channel, your enemies have power over you too, so guard your mind even as you shoot your enemies down.

Your enemies are hiding everywhere, even the random guy who walks pass you could be an enemy's spy. All non player characters can turn into combatants in this game, but don't worry, all players in single player campaign can switch to cooperative play, so you'll have reinforcement at your call.

Square Enix's shooter MindJack will come in October:

MindjackUS US$ 19.99

MindjackUS US$ 22.99

Explore the corrupted dark ages as two strong, flawed characters - E'lara and Caddoc. The two are hired to find missing persons - by the village-load. During their journeys, they will find the true nature of Kala Moor and the powers that govern it. How they survive, or overcome this world, will be completely up to you.

E'lara is a range weapon specialist while Caddoc is a swordsman. Utilize their strengths to deal with the massive crowds of monsters and enemies that charges toward you. Powered by the Unreal 3 engine, this dark fantasy world will be more dangerous than ever, you'd feel the arrow whooshing past you and the impact of your sword against your enemy's shield.

The ultra realistic Hunted: Demon's Forge did not yet have a concrete release schedule, we will update the shipping date as soon as we get more information:

Hunted: Demon's ForgeUS US$ 21.99

Hunted: Demon's ForgeUS N/A

PC Game
Hunted: Demon's Forge (DVD-ROM)US US$ 9.99

Xbox360™ Pre-Orders (9)

Batman: Arkham Asylum (Classics)ASIAAug 31, 2010N/A
Rapala Pro Bass FishingUSSep 28, 2010N/A
Rapala Pro Bass Fishing (Bundle)USOct 05, 2010N/A
Truth or LiesUSSep 14, 2010US$ 16.99
MindjackUSJan 24, 2011US$ 19.99
WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2011USOct 29, 2010N/A
DanceMastersUSNov 08, 2010US$ 22.99
The Biggest Loser: Ultimate WorkoutUSNov 04, 2010N/A
Hunted: Demon's ForgeUSJun 07, 2011US$ 21.99


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PlayStation3™ Pre-Orders (8)

Batman: Arkham Asylum (Platinum)ASIAAug 31, 2010N/A
Atelier Rorona (English language Version)ASIASep 27, 2010N/A
Rapala Pro Bass FishingUSDec 06, 2010N/A
Rapala Pro Bass Fishing (Bundle)USOct 05, 2010N/A
Truth or LiesUSSep 14, 2010US$ 11.99
MindjackUSJan 24, 2011US$ 22.99
WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2011USOct 29, 2010N/A
Hunted: Demon's ForgeUSJun 07, 2011N/A


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Nintendo Wii™ Pre-Orders (9)

Canada HuntUSOct 21, 2010US$ 34.90
Rapala Pro Bass FishingUSSep 28, 2010US$ 34.90
Rapala Pro Bass Fishing (Bundle)USOct 05, 2010US$ 67.99
SwordsUSSep 14, 2010US$ 16.99
Truth or LiesUSSep 14, 2010US$ 17.90
WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2011USOct 26, 2010N/A
Jeopardy!USNov 02, 2010US$ 33.99
The Biggest Loser ChallengeUSNov 04, 2010US$ 36.99
Beyblade: Metal Fusion - Battle FortressUSNov 09, 2010US$ 32.99


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PlayStation2™ Pre-Orders (2)

Rapala Pro Bass Fishing 10USSep 28, 2010US$ 8.99
WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2011USOct 26, 2010N/A


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Nintendo DS™ Pre-Orders (10)

Metal Max 3 [Limited Edition]JPNJul 29, 2010N/A
Wizardry ~Boukyoku no Issan~ [Amazon.co.jp Limited Edition]JPNJul 29, 2010N/A
Crime Lab: Body of EvidenceUSNov 15, 2010N/A
Fancy Nancy: Tea Party Time!USSep 14, 2010US$ 35.99
Last Window: The Secret of Cape WestEuropeSep 20, 2010N/A
Vampire Moon: The Mystery of the Hidden SunUSNov 26, 2010US$ 34.90
Jeopardy!USNov 02, 2010US$ 20.99
Rune Factory 3: A Fantasy Harvest MoonUSNov 19, 2010US$ 32.99
OkamidenUSMar 17, 2011US$ 29.99
Beyblade: Metal Fusion (Collector's Edition)USNov 12, 2010US$ 39.99


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Sony PSP™ Pre-Orders (3)

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Tag Force 5JPNSep 16, 2010N/A
Rapala Pro Bass FishingUSSep 28, 2010N/A
WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2011USOct 29, 2010N/A


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PC Game Pre-Orders (5)

Mafia II (DVD-ROM)ASIASep 03, 2010N/A
Mafia II [Collector's Edition] (DVD-ROM)ASIASep 03, 2010N/A
The Sims 3: Fast Lane Stuff (DVD-ROM)USSep 20, 2010US$ 24.90
The Sims 3: Late Night (DVD-ROM)USOct 29, 2010N/A
Hunted: Demon's Forge (DVD-ROM)USJun 20, 2011US$ 9.99


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