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Say Boo: Planet of the Cats - Shiroi Neko, Figuarts Hatake Kakashi, One Piece Log McCoy, Panty & Stockings Twin Pack, Ragnarok Online Asian ver., & more!

Give the white cat a surprise. Eyes wide and ears perked up, Shiroi Neko is the very picture of innocence and Springtime. Animal eared girls are in vogue for a long time, but Koufuku Shoten, the doujinshi group, knows best how to combine the characteristics of a cat and the personality of a girl.

The illustrator drew a brand new picture for Embrace Japan to be crafted into a figure. The sculptor Mamechi captures the special style of Koufuku Shoten's style. Although her limbs are long, they are rounded, and her curves are smooth. Her shape remains ideal but not over-proportioned.

Take off the dress to see the shape of her body. She has a matching bikini beneath the dress. Like all cats, she is perfectly prepared for a day beneath the warm sunshine at all times.

Take the cat girl home:

Planet of the Cats Non Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Shiroi NekoJPN N/Asold

Also coming from the studios of Embrace Japan is Fiolina:

Metal Slug 4 Non Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Fiolina GermiJPN N/Asold

Always stylish, and forever popular, Kakashi blazes into our warehouse with bolts of thunder and lightning around him. The sculptors at Figuarts Zero brings the powerful moment to the display case of the collectors.

Feel the flow of the chakra, the force of concentration in the single eye of Kakashi and hear the crackle as sparks fly.

The electrifying moment is drawn first by the illustrator Tetsuya Nishio. Although the figure is not scaled, it's loyally crafted according to the form of the high rank ninja in the picture. His spiky hair, the scar down his eye and the shape of his nose beneath the mask are all sculpted to the most accurate degree.

Charge your display case with energy:

Naruto Shippuden Figuarts Zero Non Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Hatake KakashiJPN N/Asold

Luffy and Chopper redefine the world booty. There is always a harvest time for pirates, and no matter what else they plundered, the cake is always nice. Stuff Luffy's cheeks full of this creamy goodness. All the fighting, sailing and providing comic relief take a toll on anyone, so when he can binge eat, he will Binge Eat.

Catch Luffy and Chopper at their most unpresentable moment, although there is no alcohol involved, both of them look a little intoxicated under the influence of the sugar and the meat and the pillaged treasures.

Take the comical and utterly delightful booty home:

One Piece Log McCoy 01Web Limited Ver.JPN N/Asold

Transform Panty and Stocking to angels. Dressed in white and blue, with their under garments rolled up into weapons, the two fallen angels are more than willing to hunt down the ghosts in your display shelves. The Greek goddess outfits look exceptionally cute on their super deformed bodies.

Panty is stunning with her confident expression while Stocking is lovely in her gloominess. No matter how white she dressed, a gothic lolita stays true to her dark origins. Earn Heaven's coins with them to send them back to heaven. Each pack comes with one coin, collectors can display it with the figures or place it anywhere they wish.

There are always ghosts to be hunted:

Twin Pack+ Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt Non Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Panty & Stocking with Heaven Coin (Angel Ver.)JPN N/Asold

Welcome to Hiirasawa Yui's Spring concert. It's full of strong beat and powerful sounds. Be prepared for the opening note, it's bound to be a bang. The figure exudes energy.

Yui transformed from her usually relaxed and laid back self to this dancing flame of movements. Her hair sways behind her and her dress flutters to her dance steps.

Her partner Giita the guitar seems to gain a life of its own under the lights. The dark brown wood turn to a golden light brown and the strings and pegs gleam silver.

Let Yui lead your band:

K-On! Non Scale Pre-Painted SQ PVC Figure: Yui HirasawaJPN N/Asold

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