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School Girls, Zombies, wooden swords, why not!! School Girl / Zombie Hunter! 24hrs shipping, limited cps remaining!

School Girl/Zombie Hunter
D3 Publisher | PlayStation®4 | Genre: Action / 3rd-person Zombie Shooter
Previously Released: Jan 12, 2017

School Girl/Zombie Hunter (PlayStation 4™, JPN)US$ 46.99 24h

If you have not jumped your way into this high school shoot em up game yet, you can still buy remaining copies and go kill them zombies!  Zombies, School Girls, wooden swords, why not!! Limited copies left!

From the people who brought you Onechanbara,comes a new, upcoming title! School Girl/Zombie Hunter follows the story of five girls caught up in a zombie outbreak (obviously). Trapped within what was once a prestigious school, the girls take up arms as they shoot and bash their way through the zombie hordes.

Now how are a bunch of schoolgirls going to survivor being attacked by zombies you might ask? Well here's the thing, this isn't just any old school. Along side the literary arts they teach military arts as well, and these girls are packing some serious fire power!

 The girls are out there shooting up those zombie hordes! But we're sure there are those who're still in the dark about some of the details of the game. So let's take a look at some of them.


Aside from the main weapons each girl has, there are several other weapons they can pick up to literally blow zombies away with. One of those is the Rocket Launcher. This handheld weapon fires rockets (obviously) which explode with a large blast radius and damaging multiple zombies at once. Another weapon the girls will come across are Hand Grenades, it doesn't go as far as the rocket launcher but it's just as destructive. When using both weapons be sure you aren't caught up in the blast.

Another item they'll be able to use is Trap Wires. Once set up, any zombie that walks through it will have it's legs sliced right off, and they'll fall over. Now that they're forced to slowly crawl on the ground, there'll be more time to line up headshots.


In SG/ZH there are all sort of zombies the girls will encounter. The most common of them is the Male Zombies, which appear everywhere. There are also Female Zombies that attack with sharp claws. Also, note they're not affected by clothes and used underwear decoys (for sooooome reason).

Seems no one was safe from the zombie plague. Policemen Zombies carry handguns and can attack from a distance, so it would be best to take them out first. Butchers were apparently meat factory worker,s and now are huge bulky zombies with powerful close-range attacks. Best keep your distance and take them down quick with a headshot.

Rotting Eggs will explode when anything gets near them. That means the girls and zombies alike, so use this to your advantage. Hammer Zombies were businessmen who've become zombies, and for some reason have started carrying around sledgehammers. They're very tough to take down and have high attack power as well. In base defense missions they usually target your base first.

One of the weirder zombies is the Centipede Zombie. Made up of the upper halves of two humans, these zombies a quick and nimble so trying to get a headshot on them would prove quite difficult. Ceiling Zombies are able to crawl along ceilings and stretch their necks to attack. Headshotting these will be very difficult as well but don't forget about the zombies on the ground.

In the underground facility is an ever bigger and more powerful zombie than all the previous ones mentioned. The Dieger is a boss enemy that will attack with its large bulk, powerful punches and ram attacks. Handle with extreme caution.

DLC Costumes:

Two DLC costumes sets are available for purchase from the Japanese PSN store. Those set are "Onechanbara Z: Kagura" set and the "Star Fruit & Melon" set. Both sets contain three color variations. 

With all this new enough you'll have a better idea of what to expect in School Girl/Zombie Hunter. If you've missed out on our previous articles you can check them out here and here. Regarding translations, the main menus, campaign menus, and config menus (expect button configs) are in English, all other text is in Japanese


School Girl/Zombie Hunter (PlayStation 4™, JPN)US$ 46.99 24h

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