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Secret history in crimson tones: Final Fantasy Type-0 Official Setting Sourcebook, Gintama DX Figure, Hijikata Toushirou, Monster Hunter Mugs & more!

When the massive air ships sail into the air and missiles rain down into the city, it's up to fourteen students in the military and magic school to save their home country.

Square Enix branches out, Type-0 is a new start for the franchise, it introduces a new system, a new world and a cast of enchanting characters.

Starting from the CG on the 14 protagonists, the book includes all the sketches that went into the game. Kurasame, Alicia, Emina and Cid show up in the pages together with the settings on the airships and different environments in the game. Study the history of the world through the extra information in the book and learn about the bigger war among the four big nations.

Find power, magic and politics in the volume:

Final Fantasy Type-0 Official Setting Sourcebook Shu No Hi ShiJPN US$ 44.905-15d

Jump into the chaos in Gintama. The silver haired ex-samurai drops his silly face to show everyone that he has never forsaken the path of the sword. His eyes are sharp and his mouth is set. The sculptor includes every detail, from the print on the billowing sleeve of his kimono to his finger nails. Let's get serious with Gintama.

Hijitaka Toushiro starts a war again to avenge the honour of Kondou, and here, he shouts the order to mobilize his troops in the Shinsengumi. Being particularly similar to Gintoki in terms of personality and fight style, the two forms a fascinating rivalry. The sword is drawn, pit him against Gintoki.

The DX Prize figures are very friendly priced but crafted into stunning details, get your pair of swordsmen today:

Gintama DX PVC Figure: ToushirouJPN N/Asold
Gintama DX PVC Figure: GintokiJPN N/Asold

Learn about item synthesis, see how two items can join into one powerful tool to aid your hunting journeys. Temperature is an essential part of that process. Pour some hot water into the cup to see the patterns change. The questions in brown disappear as the mug heats up to reveal answers in pink.

Take a look at the monsters. Each of them has their own print. A series of straight lines bring out the fierceness of the legendary monsters in the cutest of ways. But there are always people who wants to meet the dragon face to face. So pour some hot water into the mug to reveal the snarling monster Brakidios.

Think about Monster Hunting even when you are having tea:

Monster Hunter Temperature Change mug cup IconJPN N/Asold
Monster Hunter Temperature Change mug cup MonsterJPN N/Asold

Take some mini-monsters home to decorate the empty spaces in your display case:

Monster Hunter Figure Builder Vol. 3 Pre-Painted PVC Trading FigureJPN N/Asold

Also available today:

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D4 Sengoku Basara Rubber Strap Collection Vol.2JPN N/Asold
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