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Seiken Densetsu 2 (Secret Of Mana) Original Sound Version (Damaged Case)

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track listing

1. 天使の怖れFear of the Heavens
2. 不思議なお話しをA Curious Tale
3. 薔薇と精霊Phantom and... A Rose...
4. いつもいっしょTogether Always
5. やさしい思い出Fond Memories
6. 少年は荒野をめざすInto the Thick of It
7. 夏の空色The Color of the Summer Sky
8. 踊るけものたちDancing Animals
9. 遠雷Distant Thunder
10. 妖精族のこどもThe Little Sprite
11. 月夜の出来事It Happened Late One Evening
12. 闇の奥 In the Dead of Night
13. 聖なる侵入Mystic Invasion
14. 熱砂の秘密Secret of the Arid Sands
15. 森が教えてくれたことWhat the Forest Taught Me
16. ねがい A Wish...
17. 夜の魂Spirit of the Night
18. 君は海を見たかDid You see the Ocean?
19. 危機Danger
20. 嵐の孤児Calm Before the Storm
21. 風の焉わるところThe Wind Never Ceases
22. 未知への飛行Flight into the Unknown
23. 永劫回帰Eternal Recurrence
24. 伝説The Legend
25. 八点鐘A Bell is Tolling
26. 奇妙な事件A Curious Happening
27. 海辺の王様Monarch on the Shore
28. 暗黒星The Dark Star
29. 予感Prophecy
30. 鋼鉄と罠Steel and Snare
31. 祈りと囁きWhisper and Mantra
32. 儀式Ceremony
33. 明日にとどくMorning is Here
34. 愛に時間をLeave Time for Love
35. 浄夜Still of the Night
36. たたりThe Curse
37. 呪術師The Oracle
38. ある結末A Conclusion
39. 君を忘れないI Won't Forget
40. そのひとつは希望One of Them is Hope
41. 子午線の祀りMeridian Dance
42. 翼はもうはばたかないNow Flightless Wings
43. 最後から二番目の真実The Second Truth From the Left
44. ひとみを閉じてClosed My Eyes

Disc length64:28


DISCLAIMER: this item is damaged case.

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