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Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash Translated Famitsu Interview

Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash
PlayStation®4 [Third Person Shooter] Release: March 16, 2017

Weekly Famitsu No. 1452 (2016 10/13) (JPN) sold
Weekly Famitsu No. 1453 (2016 10/20) (JPN) sold

This week's Famitsu magazine revealed Marvelous Entertainment's upcoming title, Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash which is a Third-Person-Shooter coming to the Playstation®4 in March. In this interview, Senran Kagura Series Producer Kenichiro Takaki details how the game is played and features such as support characters, cooperative play with advanced and beginner players etc. He also plans to add DLC for costumes, characters and collaborations. 
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Check out the translated material below. 

First of all congratulations on five years of Senran Kagura!

Takaki (Senran Kagura Series Producer): Thank you very much! We've constantly released games and an anime series came out in 2013 and it was all thanks to all the fans that we could have these really enjoyable five years!

A brand new game in the series has also been announced although I was surprised to see that it's going to be a different type of game compared to the previous Kagura games.

Takaki: Of course Senran Kagura Estival Versus was an action game where we put our all into creating, and this brand new title is still an action game. We plan on creating it as a Senran Kagura game, not some sort of offshoot etc. However, due to it being a PS4 only title of course, we bring in a new sort of charm to the series, such as upgrading our graphics, giving even more life into our characters and so we want to challenge ourselves by bringing that into a different type of action to the series. We've gained a lot of foreign fans over the years as well so we will stay true to our gaming style, but also go in a little new direction by making the game a third-person-shooter (TPS) type game.

As I previously said, the type of game has changed from previous versions and so does this mean that this game is a separate universe from the previous games?

Takaki: Not at all, PBS is part of the main storyline. This is just a little change in the ever growing Kagura franchise.

The Kagura games have been known for having an abundance of characters. Could you tell us a bit about the girls and their new upcoming story?

Takaki: So far we have planned for up to 30+ characters, but we’re not just adding the girls you are used to, we plan on adding popular girls from the mobile game Senran Kagura New Wave G Burst. The first half of the game will be based at four separate schools; Shijuku Gessen School, Kokuritsu Hanzou Academy, Homura Guren Corps., and Hiritsu Hebi Girls Academy.

I'm looking forward to the story of course but the fact you`ll be adding characters from New Wave G Burst has got me really excited!

Takaki: We hope this game is able to overcome the popularity of the early games and stand out too. Also, I wanted to explain that Senran Kagura is one big universe. Anything with the Senran Kagura name is all connected to each other and we hope that everyone feels excited for the upcoming news to see if their favorite characters made the cut!

In this game you will be battling with a Water pistol, exactly what battle system does this game have?

Takaki: Basically the game plays like an all-out gun fight. The object of the game is to cover the opponents costume in water and avoid from becoming drenched yourself. You can just play by yourself or even with other people!

As you mentioned it was a sort of TPS game, it sounds like it could be difficult for Kagura players that are not used to TPS games, will it be easy to get into for those gamers and new ones alike?

Takaki: We made it in mind for people who may have only played the previous Senran Kagura games and adventure games alike. It's easily accessible for those players and new gamers too. For those who play a variety of games or are advanced TPS gamers there is still quite a lot of depth to the game which we hope keeps you excited to play!

Exactly what kind of components have you added in game for advanced players?

Takaki: As I said you need to drench your opponents in water in order to defeat them; well we have an upgrading system which will work well in your favor. We also thought about the best parts of this system which includes an advance player teaming up with a newcomer. For example, if the newcomer is having trouble and starts to randomly shoot, the more advanced player could give several buffs to the newcomer in order to make him stronger in various ways. From what I previously said, yes the game will have an online mode although the main part of the game will be the single player story mode.

Please could you explain the rules of battle for "PBS"?

Takaki: There are two main ways of winning; Defeat a certain amount of members of the enemy team or gain a lot of the enemies areas. There are Senran Kagura type rules as well such as the winner who takes the enemies panties wins among other such themed rules.

That sounds so fun! Another part of the game I'm looking forward to is how I will be able to destroy the enemies clothing; I think a lot of people feel the same way.

Takaki: Destructive costumes have always been an essential part of Senran Kagura so yes, of course this game will be seeing a return of that system!

Please expand on what you previously said about “using water”.

Takaki: Wait, don't you want to drench your opponents in water? Haha. Fans have asked for it for a while and so we thought "We should allow players to drench the opponents clothing with water in order to let the water slowly tear through their sexy costumes!!

It seems that a lot of fans can fulfil their fetish haha.

Takaki: We are developing this game for the PS4 and plan to evolve the game in order to show players the next evolution in Kagura sexiness and exactly what we can offer in a current-gen console game. We want to show our characters in a way we couldn’t before…with water. Spray the characters in water to show a sexy side that we couldn’t in our previous games!

I'm very interested in what costumes will be available for the characters, could you elaborate on what we can expect in game?

Takaki: There are many costumes; such as Swimsuits, Y Shirts and other Wet shirt type of costumes! Speaking of bikinis, we have a LOT of them!!

That just made my day haha. Apart from the water pistol, will we see other weapons during battles?

Takaki: Your main weapon will be the Water Pistol, but each character may have their own close-range weapon. Many characters will have supporting characters such as Murasakis Bebetan, Hibari’s Ninja Rabbit, Tanuki or Cows there are a lot and you can choose which support characters you want to add to help your character.

As you said we will be able to strengthen our characters, can you explain exactly what you meant?

Takaki: As you continuously use the Water Pistol you will gain EXP, and by using said EXP you will be able to strengthen your weapons! There will be ten types of Water Pistols and you will be able to equip them to whatever character you want!

Senran Kagura has always had DLC and I assume that “PBS” will also gain DLC?

Takaki: We plan to add DLC that covers the story mode, costumes & characters. We plan on doing collaborations as well as several skins for Water Guns and finally specials game modes!

Reading the pre-interview messages I thought my beloved Senran Kagura would change dramatically and I'm glad it hasn’t, what kind of items can we expect in the special edition?

Takaki: The special edition of the game can be pre-ordered from the 6th of October, we wanted to put much bigger items in our special edition (due to our 5th Year Anniversary), but regardless, we hope that you enjoy "PBS", from the bottom of our hearts thank you for loving the Senran Kagura series!!

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