Sentinels STEAM digital

Compatible with Windows™ (PC)
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Product Features

  • More than 20 Structures, Weapons, and Specials: Diverse set of tools that’s growing all the time! Includes Flame Throwers, Lasers, Magnetic Bombs, Heat Waves, and the oh so cute Rift Wraith
  • 3 Game Modes: In Skyguard mode you’ll put down your gun to become a tactical master, Onslaught mode delivers relentless action with structures built for you, and Sentinels will demand you to bring all your reflexes and tactics to the table in the ultimate tower defense and FPS hybrid
  • Persistent Upgrades and Mods: Unlock a dizzying array of loadout options with mods for all item types. Boost critical damage, targeting range, and blast radius to name a few, so you can build the perfect kill zone
  • Over 30 creep types: Stealth enemies, healers, shield generators, there's no shortage of angry robots for you to turn to scrap! Beware... They can shoot at you too, but we packed in plenty of ways for you to deal with that
  • 5 enemy commanders: Face off against enemy commanders with unique abilities and unit modifications, adding a whole new level of replayability
  • Multiple Map Encounters: Complete multiple encounters per map. Map layouts and enemy properties change, giving you ample opportunity to test your wits and climb the leaderboards
  • Endless Mode: Survive as long as you can against relentless waves of enemies

Item Description

Sentinels: Tower Defense with an Upgrade! So you love Tower Defense, you love First Person Shooters, and you want both at the same time? Well, we got you covered, Sentinels combines the two into an action-packed game like no other. While your automated towers dutifully destroy enemies, you can use manual structures and special abilities to dismantle them from above, or jump into the fray and shoot them down yourself!

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