Separate Volume Kadokawa Special Feature Yoasobi

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First appearance of another YOASOBI card! Focus on YOASOBI from a literary perspective as well.

YOASOBI is a "unit that turns novels into music," whose debut song "Yoru ni Kakeru" has been streamed over 900 million times, and the total number of streams for all songs is over 6 billion.
In Bessatsu Kadokawa, we not only interview Ayase and ikura who released their latest EP ``THE BOOK 3'', but also cover the surrounding areas from a variety of angles, giving us a comprehensive feature on the charm of YOASOBI. In addition, by returning to the origin of ``turning novels into music'' and approaching it from a literary perspective unique to Bessatsu Kadokawa, we will explore the origins, current location, and future of YOASOBI, who are at the top of the Japanese music scene. Look ahead.

■YOASOBI's latest photo gravure
■Spiritual message
■``THE BOOK 3'' self-liner notes
■``Traveling bookstore YOASOBI issue'' close coverage
■YOASOBI three-dimensional feature "Artist profiling"
■YOASOBI linking words, songs, and images
■YOASOBI × Betsukado × Reader Participation Project
■Activity diary of the 1st term members of the “First Time” Literary Club
■Chosen by CD shop buyers and staff! YOASOBI Recommended Song 5
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