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Shadow hunting: Persona 3 FES, Persona 4: The Golden, Mayonaka Arena, Digital Devil Saga, Biohazard Raccoon City, One Piece Musou, Kirby 20th Anniversary Collection & more! - in New Games in Restocks!

Hunt shadows in the tower of Tartarus in the Restocks Category. The Protagonist in Persona 3 staked his life to protect people from the darkness, now, it's Aegis, the battle android's turn. Persona 3 FES includes the extra chapter with the main game. With 30+ hours of game play, this is the ultimate dark fantasy.

There are more shadows lurking around, some of them are killing people in the real world. Find the murderer in Persona 4: The Golden, and head off to the tournament hosted by Kuma in Mayonaka Arena. Gamers can also go to Raccoon City to shoot zombies, massive bio weapons and wipe out other agents. Or they can put down everything to go sail the seven seas with Luffy and gang in One Piece Musou.

Jump into the elegant and exciting world of Sumioni, bounce with the pink ball of fluff in Kirby 20th Anniversary Special Collection and if you are more interested in something edgy, there is the Digital Devil Saga. For more great value games, music, movies and toys, please come to the Category.

Xbox360 (56)

Where the Wild Things AreASIAN/Asold
Brutal LegendUSUS$ 19.991-2w
Operation Flashpoint: Red RiverKORN/Asold
Bioshock 2USN/Asold
Dreamcast CollectionUSN/Asold
Duke Nukem ForeverASIAN/Asold
Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing with Banjo-KazooieUSUS$ 22.991-2w
Shaun White SkateboardingASIAN/Asold
Midnight Club: Los Angeles Complete Edition (Platinum Hits)USUS$ 23.991-2w
The ClubUSUS$ 17.991-2w
Hunted: Demon's ForgeUSUS$ 21.991-2w
The Darkness II (Limited Edition)ASIAUS$ 11.991w
Shadows of the DamnedUSUS$ 19.991-5d
Sonic GenerationsUSN/Asold
Ace Combat: Assault HorizonUSUS$ 22.991-2w
Asura's WrathUSUS$ 29.991-2w
DJ Hero 2USUS$ 22.9924h
Assassin's Creed: BrotherhoodUSN/Asold
Dance CentralUSUS$ 19.991-2w
Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (Platinum Hits)USUS$ 25.991-2w
The Beatles: Rock BandUSUS$ 33.991-2w
Ridge Racer: UnboundedUSUS$ 22.991-2w
Steel Battalion: Heavy ArmorUSUS$ 19.991-2w
Dragon Age IIUSUS$ 24.9924h
Dynasty Warriors: StrikeforceASIAUS$ 49.905-15d
Halo ReachUSN/Asold
Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two WorldsASIAUS$ 49.905-15d
Operation Flashpoint: Red RiverUSN/Asold
Dragon Age II (Bioware Signature Edition)ASIAN/Asold
Major League Baseball 2K11USUS$ 67.991-2w
Mass EffectUSN/Asold
Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Blast (Japanese language Version)ASIAUS$ 52.905-15d
Jillian Michaels Fitness AdventureUSUS$ 23.991-2w
Spider-Man: Edge of TimeUSN/Asold
Mass Effect 3ASIAN/Asold
NBA 2K12ASIAUS$ 49.905-15d
Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon CityUSUS$ 22.991-2w
X-Men: DestinyUSN/Asold
Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon CityASIAN/Asold
Mortal Kombat Komplete EditionUSN/Asold
BraveASIAUS$ 47.905-15d
Spider-Man: Edge of TimeASIAN/Asold
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future SoldierASIAN/Asold
Armored Core V (English and Chinese Version)ASIAN/Asold
BattleshipUSUS$ 22.991w
The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings (Enhanced Edition)USN/Asold
Prototype 2 (Radnet Edition)USN/Asold
Assassin's Creed: RevelationsUSN/Asold
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier (Signature Edition)ASIAN/Asold
Michael Jackson The Experience [Limited Edition]JPNN/Asold
Persona 4 The Ultimate in Mayonaka ArenaJPNUS$ 29.991-5d
The Idolm@ster 2 [First Print Limited Edition]JPNUS$ 39.991-5d
Final Fantasy XIII-2 (Collector's Edition)USN/Asold
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier (with Gunnar Gaming Eyewear Bundle) (Signature Edition)ASIAN/Asold
BioHazard: Operation Raccoon City [e-capcom Limited Edition]JPNN/Asold


PlayStation3 (46)

Operation Flashpoint: Red RiverKORN/Asold
Kane & Lynch: Dead MenUSUS$ 19.991-5d
Tomb Raider UnderworldUSN/Asold
MindjackASIAUS$ 21.991-5d
National Geographic ChallengeUSN/Asold
Dragon Age Origins: AwakeningUSUS$ 24.991-2w
LEGO Indiana JonesUSN/Asold
LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7USUS$ 21.991-2w
LittleBigPlanet (Game of the Year Edition) (Greatest Hits)USN/Asold
Rayman: OriginsUSUS$ 24.991-2w
The Darkness II (Limited Edition)ASIAN/Asold
Armored Core VUSN/Asold
Devil May Cry HD CollectionUSUS$ 19.9924h
Saints Row: The ThirdEuropeN/Asold
Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (Greatest Hits)USUS$ 24.991-2w
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (Greatest Hits) [Game of the Year Edition]USUS$ 14.9924h
Call of Juarez: The CartelASIAN/Asold
Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of ArlandUSUS$ 32.991w
Dungeon Siege 3USUS$ 21.991-2w
Pro Evolution Soccer 2012USN/Asold
Ace Combat: Assault HorizonUSUS$ 24.991-2w
InversionASIAUS$ 29.991w
MotionSports AdrenalineASIAUS$ 44.905-15d
Medal of Honor (Platinum)EuropeUS$ 22.992-4w
Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. 2ASIAN/Asold
Child of EdenASIAN/Asold
Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3USN/Asold
Dead Rising 2: Off The RecordASIAN/Asold
Gundam Musou 3 (PS3 the Best)ASIAN/Asold
Top Gun: Hard LockUSN/Asold
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2 & Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 Double PackEuropeUS$ 49.905-15d
Final Fantasy XIII-2 (English language Version)ASIAN/Asold
Sports ChampionASIAN/Asold
Ratchet & Clank: All 4 OneASIAN/Asold
Blazblue: Continuum Shift Extend (Japanese language Version)ASIAN/Asold
Red Faction: ArmageddonJPNUS$ 19.991-5d
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3EuropeUS$ 22.992-4w
Max Payne 3EuropeUS$ 24.901-2w
Lollipop ChainsawJPNUS$ 58.991w
Ayesha no Atelier: Tasogare no Daichi no Renkinjutsushi (w/ Atelier Ayesha World Guide CD)ASIAN/Asold
Lollipop Chainsaw Premium Edition (Uncensored & Dual-language audio option)JPNUS$ 58.991-5d
Nobunaga no Yabou Online: Houou no ShouJPNUS$ 81.901w
One Piece: Kaizoku Musou (Japanese Version)ASIAN/Asold
Final Fantasy XIIIJPNUS$ 54.991w
PlayStation 3 Move Bundle (with Medieval Moves: Deadmund’s Quest and Sports Champions)USN/Asold


PS Vita (10)

LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7USUS$ 19.991-2w
Army Corps of HellASIAN/Asold
Blazblue: Continuum Shift ExtendASIAUS$ 24.9924h
Blazblue: Continuum Shift ExtendUSN/Asold
Gravity Rush (Chinese Version)ASIAN/Asold
Gravity Rush (Chinese + English Version)ASIAN/Asold
Mahjong Fight Club: Shinsei Zenkoku Taisen HanJPNUS$ 44.991-5d
Metal Gear Solid HD EditionJPNUS$ 77.991w
Persona 4: The GoldenJPNUS$ 119.991w


Sony PSP (11)

Ace Combat X: Skies of DeceptionUSN/Asold
Ridge Racer (Greatest Hits)USUS$ 17.991w
BlazBlue: Continuum Shift IIASIAUS$ 33.901-2w
Cars: Race-O-RamaUSUS$ 17.991-2w
Persona 2: Tsumi (Innocent Sin)ASIAUS$ 57.905-15d
Gundam Assault SurviveJPNUS$ 31.9924h
Hakuisei Renai Shoukougun [Best Hit Selection]JPNUS$ 35.991w
DJ Max Portable 3KORN/Asold
Kono Bushitsu wa Kitakushinai-bu ga Senkyo shimashita. Portable Gakuen Summer Wars Hen [Regular Edition]JPNUS$ 47.991-5d
Musou Orochi 2 SpecialJPNUS$ 60.901-5d
Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 5: Kazahanaki [Treasure Box]JPNN/Asold


Nintendo Wii (9)

Glacier 3 The MeltdownUSUS$ 24.905-15d
Muramasa: The Demon BladeUSN/Asold
My Fitness Coach 2: Exercise & NutritionUSUS$ 24.905-15d
Get Up and DanceUSN/Asold
Silent Hill: Shattered MemoriesUSN/Asold
The Adventures of Tintin: The GameUSUS$ 17.991-2w
Just Dance 3USUS$ 19.991-2w
Bass Fishing Wii: World TournamentJPNUS$ 52.901w
Hoshi no Kirby: 20-Shuunen Special CollectionJPNN/Asold


Nintendo 3DS (11)

LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7USUS$ 19.991-2w
Cooking Mama 4: Kitchen MagicUSUS$ 37.991-2w
Combat of Giants: Dinosaur 3DJPNN/Asold
Pac-Man PartyUSUS$ 32.991-2w
Super Street Fighter IV: 3D EditionJPNUS$ 49.9924h
Resident Evil: RevelationsUSUS$ 29.9924h
Steel DiverJPNUS$ 31.991-5d
Ridge Racer 3DJPNUS$ 59.991w
Amazing SpidermanUSUS$ 21.991-2w
Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance [First-Print Edition with AR card]JPNN/Asold
Boku wa Koukuu Kanseikan: Airport Hero 3D Haneda with JALJPNN/Asold


PlayStation2 (8)

Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories & Vice City Stories 2 PackUSN/Asold
Mega Man Anniversary CollectionUSUS$ 14.9924h
Mortal Kombat: ArmageddonUSN/Asold
Final Fantasy X (Greatest Hits)USUS$ 22.991-2w
Neopets: The Darkest FaerieUSUS$ 21.991-2w
Grand Theft Auto TrilogyUSUS$ 22.6924h
Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 FESUSUS$ 24.991-2w
Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga (Reprint)USUS$ 24.991-2w


PC Game (13)

Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days (DVD-ROM)ASIAN/Asold
Cars 2: The Video Game (DVD-ROM)ASIAN/Asold
Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands (DVD-ROM)ASIAUS$ 39.901-5d
Age of Empires II: Gold EditionEuropeN/Asold
Homefront (DVD-ROM)ASIAUS$ 44.901w
Supreme Ruler: Cold War (DVD-ROM)ASIAUS$ 1.9924h
Spec Ops: The Line (Including Fubar Pack) (DVD-ROM)ASIAUS$ 29.905-15d
The Darkness 2 (DVD-ROM)ASIAN/Asold
Call of Juarez: The Cartel (DVD-ROM)USUS$ 2.9924h
Jurassic Park: The Game (DVD-ROM)ASIAN/Asold
The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings (Enhanced Edition) (Chinese Edition) (DVD-ROM)ASIAN/Asold
The Guild Complete Collection (DVD-ROM)ASIAN/Asold
Bioshock 2 (DVD-ROM)USN/Asold



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