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Shin Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams (PlayStation2 the Best)

Compatible with PlayStation 2™ (PS2™)

For JPN/Asian systems only.
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  • Contains English/Japanese language option.
  • Onimusha is back – the epic series returns in a new form with dramatic action sequences that see you battling in stunning, true three-dimensional arenas for the first time.
  • Partner swapping system – choose from four heroes to partner Soki, the lead Onimusha, throughout the game. In battle, choose and control the two simultaneously, switching between them at any moment, for strategic advantage.
  • Upgrade your heroes with new powers and weapons – each has their own strengths, weaknesses and fighting styles to discover and master.
  • You can now rest between missions at the base camp, using the break in action to power up characters and obtain information from allies that will help with future missions. It is also possible to go back and retry previously cleared stages from the Camp – depending on the ally you choose, previously impassable barriers may open up the way to new items.
  • Can you survive the new Tests of Valor? At certain locations within the game a Test of Valour mini-game will be triggered. The objective to each these tasks will be displayed on the screen before the mission starts and completion will earn you new and rare items…
  • With a brand new graphics engine, Dawn of Dreams continues with the Onimusha tradition of outstanding graphics and pushes the PS2 to its limits.


15 years have passed since the defeat of the Genma and the evil lord Nobunaga Oda. Darkness that once pladgued the lands crept back to their shadowy depths, leaving behind nothing but a whisper of their former self. Hideyoshi Toyotomi, Nobunaha's successor became the new ruler of Japan and all seemed peaceful. Until now...With the rise of an eerie crimson star to the East, Hideyoshi underwent an evil transformation, spreading malice and cruelty to all lands, near and far. The Genma, hearing the call of evil, started to reappear in the land, strinking into the hearts of the people.The year is now 1598 and the latest chapter in the epic struggle between good and evil will begin anew...お求めやすいベスト版で登場!鬼武者再び・・・。信長から秀吉の時代へ。物語はついに新章へ突入!過去の3部作を凌駕する美麗CG、語られるストーリー。従来の『バッサリ感』を継承しつつ、『新』へと進化した鬼武者が、今ここに!。

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