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Shipping today: Action Replay DS, Super Monkey Ball Adventure (NGC™ US), Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side 2nd Kiss & more

From the publisher: The popular Super Monkey Ball series is rolling out a whole new adventure with all-new party games, 50 new puzzle levels, and an intriguing in-depth Story Mode. In the Story, a young prince and princess from opposing kingdoms traveled to Jungle Island and quite accidentally fell head over heels in love. But their kingdoms are unhappy places completely lacking in joy, and thus, their marriage is forbidden. It is up to you to travel between five incredible islands as AiAi, MeeMee, Baby, or GonGon spreading cheer and increasing the kingdom's happiness, so that this love struck couple can be together. Grab some friends for Party Mode, use your newfound spell casting powers to become invisible, climb walls, and much more - and above all, let the adventure begin!

Sega's Super Monkey Ball Adventure for Gamecube™ is shipping today as US release version at US$ 49.90 only.

Game features:
  • Exclusive Spell. The Banana Vacuum brings all nearby bananas to the character.
  • Collectables. A card game allows you to collect unique cards when you play with all four characters.
  • Unique task giver - the Sage. Beat him in the card game and win Reveal Cards which unlock future events or Teleport Cards.
  • Unique quests and director's cut puzzles. You won't find these quests anywhere else!
  • Customize your own card. Use a special screenshot card to take a picture and send it to other players as your own custom card.

From the manufacturer: Datel's latest Action Replay game enhancer has the power to blow your games wide open. Action Replay DS uses real cheat codes to get to the heart of your Nintendo DS™ games, giving you enhancements such as Infinite Lives, Infinite Health, All Vehicles, All Levels and more.

Action Replay DS is really easy to use. You simply insert the supplied Action Replay cartridge into your DS™ or DS Lite™, and switch on. When prompted, remove the Action Replay card and replace it with your game card. Action Replay recognises the title in question and offers you the title's code list. It's that easy! They're great codes too. For example, codes for the ever-popular Mario Kart DS include Unlock All Nitro Courses, Unlock All Retro Courses and Unlock All Characters, Cars and Classes. You can Freeze Time, give yourself Power-Ups and Trophies, and bag instant Three-Star Ranks. You can opt to instantly complete any mission with a Three-Star Rank too.

Like previous versions of Action Replay, Action Replay DS is fully updateable, so you don't need to buy a new one when new games are released; just update your Action Replay using the PC app supplied. It's really easy to do, and quick too. Our code creators are always hard at work on the latest DS™ titles, so even the very latest games will be trained and tamed within hours of hitting the shelves.

Action Replay DS is not a replacement for Action Replay MAX for GBA/DS, which uses cheat codes for GBA™ titles, but save-game positions for DS™ games. Instead, Action Replay DS is a whole new product which brings the traditional enhancement codes for which the Action Replay series is famous to Nintendo's dual-screen handheld.

Action Replay DS is compatible with both the original DS and the DS Lite. To update the device, a PC running Windows XP and connected to the internet is required.

Action Replay DS is in stock today, available at US$ 24.90 only.

Product features:
  • Compatible with DS™ and DS Lite™.
  • Real cheat codes on your NDS™.
  • Packed with codes for all the top games.
  • Easy to use.
  • Fully updateable via your PC.

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