17. Jun, 2005 13:21 (HKT)

Shipping today: Asian and US version titles: Red Ninja: End of Honor, Capcom Fighting Evolution (Xbox™), Kirby Canvas Curse DS (NDS™), Yoshi Topsy-Turvy (GBA™), Shutokou Battle: Zone of Control (PSP™)

Your DS stylus has been magically infused with the power to paint! When Kirby gets turned into a ball by an evil witch, your hand-drawn rainbow paths become the only way he can find power-ups and reach the gates of each world. Draw loops to make him speed up, make ramps to jump danger, and draw walls to block laser beams and cannon blasts as you explore seven levels packed with adventure.

Nintendo's Kirby Canvas Curse DS for Nintendo DS™ is in stock shipping as US release version at US$ 44.90.

Product features:
  • Stun enemies, break blocks, and much more -- all with a touch of the stylus.
  • Tap Kirby to dash into enemies and copy their abilities. Turn into Wheel Kirby, Burning Kirby, Stone Kirby, and many more. There are 11 Copy Abilities in all!
  • Try timed challenges, take on bosses in unique battles, or play simple but addictive minigames.

Witnessing the brutal murder of her father, then hung by a wire and left for dead, Kurenai swears vengeance on the ruthless Black Lizard Clan. The wire that almost took her life has now become her signature weapon, the Tetsugen. Using her powers of stealth, speed, and seduction, she sets a deadly trap for her enemies, the scourge of feudal Japan.

Red Ninja: End of Honor for Xbox™ is in stock as Asian NTSC/J encoded release version at US4 44.90 only.

Product features:
  • Annihilate your prey: Slash, impale, decapitate, and pummel enemies with the Tetsugen, a unique and deadly wire weapon.
  • A mission of retribution: Embark on a quest for revenge that combines violent action, adventure, stealth, and suspense.
  • Realistic plot: Experience an original story by film director Shinsuke Sato (Princess Blade). Stunning visuals re-create the chaotic, violent world of 16th century feudal Japan.
  • Be the ninja: Use the environment and your Ninjutsu powers to go undetected and sneak up on your enemies. Dispatch your enemies with blowguns, smoke bombs, explosives, and knives.

Further US and Asian releases shipping today:

Capcom Fighting EvolutionUS US$ 37.90 1-2w
Yoshi Topsy-TurvyUS US$ 39.90 sold
Shutokou Battle: Zone of ControlASIA US$ 49.90 sold

Note: Capcom Fighting Evolution for Xbox™ is region free and suitable to play on any standard Xbox™ console.


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