28. Nov, 2005 15:39 (HKT)

Shipping today: BioHazard 4 (w/ Gun Collection replica gift), BioHazard 4 Memory Card 8MB, Super Monkey Ball DS, Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time & lots of toys (Naruto, Pikmin, Mario Party, FFVII:AC, Inyuasha & more)

From the publisher: BioHazard 4 marks a terrifying new chapter in the world renowned BioHazard series. Players rejoin Leon S. Kennedy, six years after his first mission as a rookie cop from BioHazard 4 2. Now as a U.S. agent, Leon is on a top-secret mission to investigate the disappearance of the President's daughter and has made his way to a mysterious location in Europe. As Leon encounters unimaginable horrors, he must find out who or what is behind everything.

Capcom's BioHazard 4 for PlayStation2™ is in stock today at US$ 64.90, available as official Japanese release version. The game ships bundled with a Japanese exclusive Gun Collection preorder gift as long as initial supplies last. In stock at the same time is Hori's licensed BioHazard 4 Memory Card 8MB at US$ 28.90, containing a BioHazard 4 memory card case that can hold 2 cards.

Game features:
  • Unsurpassed visuals with breathtaking 3D graphics and effects.
  • Brand new action-oriented gameplay and story.
  • Extraordinary new enemies - zombies are obsolete; replaced by intelligent but evil creatures.
  • Killer weaponry - hand grenades, sniper rifle, rocket launcher, axes, chainsaws, cannons and more.
  • New gameplay mechanics - behind-the-back camera angle perspective & hit zone aiming system.
  • New characters - new playable female character plus a mysterious new friend ... or foe.
  • Plus exciting new bonus features exclusive to the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system.
  • Explore more BioHazard/Resident Evil related items at Play-Asia.com.

    Super Monkey Ball DS offers the same kind of game play as the home console versions. With the Nintendo DS however, the touch panel will give the game a different touch. The 3D action is displayed on the top screen, while the bottom screen shows a 2D version of your monkey ball with AiAi inside.

    Scratch the monkey ball with your stylus and your ball will move on the top screen. The game features more than 100 stages, including some from previous versions as well as a lot of new ones. Additionally, six party games have been included, two of them playable by up to four players.

    Sega's Super Monkey Ball DS (also known as Super Monkey Ball Touch & Roll outside of Japan) is in stock today, shipping at US$ 48.90 only.

    From the publisher: And you thought their last adventure was insane? In this sequel to Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, the brothers travel back in time to retrieve Princess Peach, only to come face to face with baby versions of themselves, the princess and Bowser. Teaming up with their young selves will soon send Mario and Luigi on a quest of lunatic proportions as players must control both the adult AND baby versions of the Mushroom Kingdom heroes.

    Players use the top screen to study the land, keep track of the pair of brothers not under their control or maximize combo moves in battle. With twice the Mario brothers and twice the laughs, this massive side-splitting adventure could only find a home on the dual screens of the Nintendo DS™.

    Nintendo's Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time for Nintendo DS™ is shipping today as US release version, priced at US$ 44.90.

    Lots of new toy releases are in stock today:

    Baby Naruto Swing Keychain Gashapon US$ 1.90 sold
    Dragon Ball Z TV GameUS US$ 29.90 sold
    Dragon Quest Crystal Monsters 2 US$ 4.90 sold
    Final Fantasy VII Advent Children CalendarJPN US$ 39.90 sold
    Full Metal Panic: 1/8 Scale Painted Figure - Chidori Kaname Swimsuit Ver. US$ 44.90 sold
    Inuyasha: 1/8 Scale Painted Figure - Miroku US$ 39.90 sold
    Inuyasha: 1/8 Scale Painted Figure - Sango US$ 39.90 sold
    Inuyasha: 1/8 Scale Painted Figure - Sesshou Maru US$ 39.90 sold
    Mario Party Collection Candy Toy US$ 2.90 sold
    Pia Carrot 3: 1/8 Scale Painted Figure - Kinoshita Takako Swimsuit Ver. US$ 44.90 sold
    Pikmin 2 Collection Figure Vol.3 US$ 4.90 sold
    Tsubasa Chronicle Gashapon US$ 2.90 sold

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