12. Dec, 2006 17:11 (HKT)

Shipping today: Bleach Wii, Pokemon Battle Revolution, Naruto: Shinobi Retsuden, Wild Arms: The Vth Vanguard, SNK vs. Capcom Card Fighters DS, Chocobo to Mahou no Ehon, Winning Eleven 10: Ubiquitous Evolution & more

Bleach: Wii Shiraha Kirameku Rinbukyoku is based on the popular Japanese anime series and marks the first game of the series so far released on any of the next generation systems. Bleach Wii is a one-on-one fighting game with unique aspects resulting from Nintendo's Wii Remote controller.

While you move your character with the Nunchuk, the real action is done with the Wii Remote. Wave the controller like a sword to perform various attacks (slash back and forth for normal attacks, slash downward for high strikes and other special moves such as uppercuts and more).

Sega's Bleach: Wii Shiraha Kirameku Rinbukyoku is shipping today at US$ 64.90 only. Please be reminded that this is the Japanese release version, suitable only for the Japanese Wii™ system.

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    Naruto: Shinobi Retsuden is a 3D fighting game for Nintendo DS™, based on the popular anime series. The game has been developed by the makers of the Naruto Gamecub™ series Naruto: Gekitou Ninja Taisen (Naruto Clash of Ninja outside of Japan).

    Confirmed characters in this game include Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha, Sakura Haruno, Hatake Kakashi, Rock Lee and Neji Hyuga and more. Naruto: Shinobi Retsuden supports Wi-Fi battles.

    Naruto: Shinobi Retsuden for Nintendo DS™ is in stock today, available at US$ 49.90 only.

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    From the publisher: Embark on a strange adventure in a fantastic western world

    The game background is set in a fantasy world thick with the flavour of the Wild West, "Fargaia". Dean, a youth fascinated with lost technology, Rebecca and Avril make up their minds to seek out the golems traveling the world. So the three embarked on their adventurous journey. Alas, they would not have known then the shocking truth and sadness waiting for them behind the name they were seeking…

    Every work in the WILD ARMS series is an independent story, but all of them revolve around the same theme – Vanguard. This time, the stage is an alternative world melding fantasy and the frontier of the West. The three main characters embark on a journey into the wilderness to rescue the world from a crisis. The character images are so attractive with true-to-life facial expressions and dramatic performances of the small movements in the limbs enhance the charms of the characters.

    Sony's PlayStation2™ RPG Wild Arms: The Vth Vanguard is available today as Asia release version at US$ 59.90 only. The Japanese version of this game is expected later this week. Also make sure to check out the Intro Theme music release as well as the Original Score Vol.1 and Original Score Vol.2 soundtrack releases.

    Also in stock today:

    Nintendo DS™:
    Chocobo to Mahou no EhonJPN US$ 14.99 1-2w
    Gintama: Gintoki vs. DokataJPN N/A sold
    Oshare Princess DS: Oshare ni Koishite!JPN US$ 19.99 1w
    SNK vs. Capcom Card Fighters DSJPN US$ 24.99 1-2w

    Nintendo Wii™:
    Pokemon Battle RevolutionJPN N/A sold
    Rayman Raving RabbidsJPN N/A sold

    Phantasy Star UniverseJPN N/A sold

    Sony PSP™:
    Winning Eleven 10: Ubiquitous EvolutionASIA N/A sold

    PC Games:
    Sakura Taisen V Desktop TheaterJPN N/A sold

    Toys & Misc:
    Dot-S Puzzle Collection - Nintendo Version N/A sold
    Jingai Makyo 1/7 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Ignis N/A sold
    Let's! TV Play - Dragonball Z Battle Bodily Sensation Kamehameha Fusion With You 2JPN N/A sold
    Mai-Hime Z: Otomedama Maiotome Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Arika Yumemiya N/A sold
    Mobile Suit Gundam 0079 Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Cathy Catharine Blitzen (Camouflage Operator) N/A sold
    Mobile Suit Gundam 0079 Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Reiko Holinger (Camouflage Operator) N/A sold
    Super Mario Bros. Towel In Box: Type A N/A sold
    Super Mario Bros. Towel In Box: Type B N/A sold
    Super Mario Bros. Towel In Box: Type C N/A sold

    Bleach Memories of Nobody Original SoundtrackJPN US$ 29.90 5-15d
    Bleach The Best [Limited Edition]JPN N/A sold
    Blue Dragon Original SoundtrackJPN N/A sold
    One Piece Chopperman Theme Song [CD+Figure Limited Edition]JPN N/A sold
    Super Eurobeat Presents Initial D Fourth Stage Supereuro-BeatJPN US$ 29.90 5-15d

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