08. Jun, 2007 12:18 (HKT)

Shipping today: Brothers in Arms DS (NDS™), Shadowrun & Tenchu Z (Asia), Sega Mega Drive Play TV Twin Pad & more

From the publisher: FASA Studio, the creative minds behind MechWarrior and Crimson Skies®: High Road to Revenge™, are back with Shadowrun™, the new multiplayer first-person shooter (FPS) based on the much beloved RPG franchise. Shadowrun propels team-based combat into a new dimension with a revolutionary blend of modern weaponry and ancient magic.

Up to 16 players battle for control of this new world through Windows Vista's Xbox 360-to-Windows Vista online compatibility. In Shadowrun, vie for supremacy in a constantly evolving battlefield where advanced technology and ancient magic provide an unprecedented and high-velocity tactical action experience.

Shadowrun for Xbox360™ is in stock as English/Chinese language Asia NTSC/J release version, shipping at US$ 44.90 only. The game is also in stock as US release version.

From the publisher: Become the ultimate ninja assassin in Tenchu® Z. Eliminate unsuspecting guards using stealth kills or your favorite ninja weaponry, or even go straight for the big boss! Use sound, sight, and scent detection as you search out your opponents and unlock deadly new moves and weapons.

From Software's Tenchu Senran (originally released back about a year in Japan) is now shipping as English language Asia version, titled Tenchu Z at US$ 44.90 only. Please note that due to shortage, this title has been presold and a restock date is currently unconfirmed.

Game features:
  • Master the new stealth kill system: Attack and kill an opponent while hanging from the ceiling, or even from beneath the floor! Sheath your weapons to help you remain hidden, or take it out to attack your enemies.
  • Play through more than 50 missions: Assassinate your target, pour poison into a river in enemy territory, or deliver a secret scroll, all while avoiding enemy detection.
  • Enlist the help of fellow ninjas: Play at home with up to four players on system link, or jump online and play co-op on Xbox LIVE®.
  • Experience enhanced ninja play with the Ki meter: Use the new Ki (life force) meter to avoid being detected by enemies and to move like a real ninja.
  • Build fully customizable characters: Use a variety of body types, facial features, tattoos, and clothing to build your own custom ninja.

From the publisher: The critically acclaimed WWII shooter is now available on Nintendo DS™ for the first time. Discover a completely redesigned game that fully takes advantage of the DS functionalities.

Ubisoft's Brothers in Arms DS (aka. Brothers in Arms: War Stories) is shipping as Australian release version at US$ 34.90 only.

Product features:
  • Brothers In Arms® on DS for the first time: Game exclusively designed for the DS with easy-to-use, stylus-based controls such as the screen aiming system.
  • Impressive, realistic 3D graphics: Incredibly detailed environments, highly believable characters and enemies, cinematic camera angles, and great animation.
  • Drivable vehicles: Drive a 4x4 or a Sherman tank and use a wide range of weapons (bazooka, sniper rifle, grenades, and more) to destroy the enemy.
  • 16 missions and three different campaigns: Relive the intensity of WWII through three different campaigns, from North Africa to Normandy.
  • Redesigned new multiplayer experience: Fight major multiplayer battles with three of your friends with different multiplayer modes including Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch.
  • Contextual movements: Gameplay adapted to the DS hardware with auto-cover behind walls or auto-recovering life system.
  • An unrivaled sense of drama: Stronger emotional factor due to the third-person view and dialogue between the soldiers.

New PC Games in stock today:

Echelon: Wind WarriorsASIA N/A sold
Enemy Engaged 2ASIA N/A sold
Shrek The Third (DVD-ROM)ASIA US$ 26.90 1-5d
Star Wolves 2 (DVD-ROM)ASIA N/A sold

New toy releases shipping today:

Animal Crossing Hand Puppet: Bouquet (Theater Version)JPN N/A sold
Animal Crossing Hand Puppet: Mr. Resetti (Theater Version)JPN N/A sold
Animal Crossing Hand Puppet: Tanu Kichi / Tom Nook (Theater Version)JPN N/A sold
New Super Mario Bros. Plush Doll: Giant BooJPN N/A sold
New Super Mario Bros. Plush Doll: GoombaJPN N/A sold
New Super Mario Bros. Plush Doll: MarioJPN N/A sold
New Super Mario Bros. Plush Doll: Mega MushroomJPN N/A sold
New Super Mario Bros. Plush Doll: Petey PiranhaJPN N/A sold
Sega Mega Drive Play TV Twin PadJPN N/A sold


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