26. Nov, 2004 19:03 (HKT)

Shipping today: Capcom Fighting Jam & branded Arcade Pro Stick, The PlayStation Vol. 9 (w/ playable Gran Turismo 4 Trial Disc), Dragon Quest VIII (japanese batch #1)

The ultimate head-to-head brawler! Capcom® Fighting Jam™ includes popular characters from five classic titles in the Street Fighter® and other Capcom series: Street Fighter II®, Darkstalkers®, Street Fighter® III, Red Earth and Street Fighter® Alpha. Players must strategically use their combat systems to defeat their opponentas they square off in battle. The character change system allows players to choose a combatant for each round of the battle. Choosing the right fighter based on the strengths of the fighting systems will be the key to victory!

Capcom Fighting Jam (also known as Capcom Fighting Evolution outside of Japan) is in stock today, shipping at US$ 59.90. Every single copy of the game ships including a free Capcom Fighting Jam Master's Disc Bonus DVD. (this applies to previously placed preorders as well as new shipped orders as long as supply lasts).

In stock at the same time is Hori's officially licensed Capcom Fighting Jam Real Arcade Pro Stick. The arcade style controller features extra large action buttons with a proud weight of approx 2.6kg. Available as long as supply lasts at US$ 79.90 only.

As a short notice, the Capcom Fighting Jam Memory Card 8MB is scheduled for delivery on coming Monday.

Dragon Quest VIII, the follow-up to the much-delayed, but wildly popular Dragon Quest VII. Just like all the other Dragon Quest games, it promises to continue the third trilogy born in its immediate predecessor. New features include a battle engine shining in full 3D, and implementation of day and night phases in actual game.

As one of the most anticipated games this year in Japan, an initial batch of Dragon Quest VIII: Sora to Daichi to Norowareshi Himegimi (Japanese release version) is in stock today. The remainder is scheduled to arrive on Monday, shipping at US$ 84.90. The game is also available as Asian release version shipping at US$ 78.90 respectively.

Upon request of a few Gran Turismo fans, we have today stocked limited quantities of the Japanese The PlayStation Vol. 9 magazine. Apart from its approx. 150 pages of PlayStation2™ content, the magazine ships including a playable English/Japanese language Gran Turismo 4 Special Trial Disc as well as a roughly 30 pages Gran Turismo 4 Special Preview Book.

The PlayStation Vol. 9 (w/ playable Gran Turismo 4 Trial Disc) is in stock now as long as supply lasts at US$ 19.90. Please notice that due to limitation of this magazine, there will be a maximum purchase of 1 copy per customer.

Gran Turismo 4 Special Trial Disc Content:


  • Language: English/Japanese
  • Screen: 4:3/16:9
  • Vibration: ON/OFF
  • Unit System: Meter/Mile


  • Single Race
  • Photo Mode
  • Time Trial

    The Special Trial Edition contains a total of 3 racing courses (in either single mode or time trial):

  • Nurburgring Nordschleife
  • Trial Mountain
  • George V Paris

    The following cars are selectable (in both game modes):

  • Nissan Skyline GT-R(R34) Nur-Special '04
  • Mazda RX-8 Type S '03
  • Nissan Skyline GT-R V-spec II Nur(R34) '02
  • Mazda Savanna RX-7 GT-X '90
  • Toyota MR2 1600 G-Limited Super Charger '86

    The Photo Mode lets you snap shots from 2 stages:

  • Marunouchi
  • Sagano

    Using a special printer sold only in Japan, you will be able to print out your photographs.

    Wing (Jackie Chang) is the Hong Kong police's most decorated and respected police officer. He's the best of the best, cracking every case he handles in record time. Fung (Nicholas Tse) is a rebel without a pause, a typically disaffected but street-smart Hong Kong youth who wastes his life in videogame arcades. Talk is cheap, and no one talks cheaper than Fung. Wing being devastated by the death of his girl friend's brother during an attack on a gang's powerbase, gets lost in guilt and shame - Ending up in despair and alcohol. Is it up to Fung to help Wing to regain his power and make him care again?

    New Police Story is in stock todasy as region free DVD release (US$ 11.90), Limited Edition DVD Pack (US$ 24.90) as well as VCD release (US$ 6.90). The Limited Editon Pack ships including a Desktop stand with clip holder, 50mm Gun, Calender 2005 and Memopad packed inside a Police Story style plastic case with a limitation of 5000 copies only.

    Further miscellaneous releases from today:

    Weekly Famitsu 12/10 2004JPN US$ 7.90
    Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Flaming EternityJPN US$ 1.99
    The Prince of Tennis Trading Card Game Booster Pack Vol.11JPN US$ 2.49

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