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Shipping today: Chrome Hounds (Xbox360™), Sega Ages Vol. 24: Last Bronx -Tokyo Bangaichi-, Finder Love: Fumina Hara, Legend of Heroes 2, RoydsStick.EX & more

From the publisher: Chromehounds brings intense multiplayer HOUND combat to the Xbox 360 for the first time ever. In this massive global conflict, three nations with opposing political views have erupted in an all-out war. From the cockpit of a giant metal "HOUND", you must power your tower of heavy artillery through giant war zones while backing five others on your squad and dodging the firepower of six other live players via Xbox Live. One team member will be elected Tactics Commander and lead the team through the fray via voice commands.

You are responsible for arming and customizing your massive mechanized weapon, but overload it and you won't get very far. Your teams' successful completion of missions will open up valuable new items that will bring you all that much closer to victory. Chromehounds also offers numerous single-player missions, plus training modes for team combat and HOUND control familiarization.

Developed by From Software and published by Sega, Chrome Hounds for Xbox360™ is shipping today at US$ 64.90 only. All preorders shipping today include a Chrome Hounds Face Plate as preorder gift, bundled together with the game in a limited edition box set.

Game features:
  • Multiplayer combat mode allows players to build squads of up to 20 players and take to the field in clans of six for head-to-head battle with opposing clans. Conquer enemy territory to advance towards world domination.
  • Single player action allows players to sharpen their tactics and create a HOUND that best suits the battle.
  • Take on the role of Tactics Commander and strategically transform your team of massive HOUNDS into unbeatable war machines.
  • Customize your HOUND from a huge array of options to create a walking arsenal of firepower and then take it to the field in both first and third person perspectives.
  • Wage war in 115 maps spread over three nations. Stunningly realistic battlefield effects draw you and your squad into the fast-paced fray.

Last Bronx was originally released in 1996 in Japanese Arcades, a Sega Saturn™ home console port was published in 1997. The game has been one of the last model 2 games, developed by AM3.

As part of the Sega Ages series, Sega returns the popular 3D fighting game back to life with a visually and technically enhanced PlayStation2™ port. The game contains an Arcade Mode, VS Mode, Survival Mode, Time Attack Mode, Replay Mode as well as a Gallery Mode.

Sega Ages Vol. 24: Last Bronx -Tokyo Bangaichi- for PlayStation2™ is shipping today at US$ 28.90 only.

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    In Capcom's mix of love simulation, adventure and idol disc, you take on the role as a rookie cameraman and take pictures of the girls in their best look and pose during each photo session. The further you process in the game, you will be able to interact with the hotties and take their pictures, rank them and finally trade them with friends. You will also be able to play a couple of mini fames with your favorite idol.

    Capcom's Finder Love for PSP™ is going to be available in three different Japanese version standard and limited edition versions as well as one Asia Version release. Each release is focusing on a different Japanese idol. The limited editions contains bonus material, such as a DVD and a bikini.

    Finder Love: Fumina Hara is in stock today as Asia Version release at US$ 39.90 only. All further Japanese editions are expected to be in stock later this week.

    Complete Finder Love lineup:

    Finder Love: Fumina HaraASIA N/A sold
    Finder Love: Fumina HaraJPN N/A sold
    Finder Love: Risa KudoJPN N/A sold
    Finder Love: Aki HoshinoJPN N/A sold
    Finder Love: Fumina Hara [Limited Edition]JPN N/A sold
    Finder Love: Risa Kudo [Limited Edition]JPN N/A sold
    Finder Love: Aki Hoshino [Limited Edition]JPN N/A sold

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    From the publisher: A long time ago, a girl traveled around Tirasweel. Her silver hair shone even in the moonlight, and her eyes were clear as a fountain.

    She could cast a glance into the future. When good things happened, people admired her. When bad things happened, people accused her. Some people called her the Moonlight Witch.

    A long time ago, a Witch traveled around Tirasweel. She disappeared, leaving many questions behind...

    Published by Namco Bandai Games, Legend of Heroes 2: Prophecy of the Moonlight Witch for PSP™ is available today as US release version at US$ 39.90 only.

    Game features:
    • AI that "Picks Its Battles". Enemies gauge your strength before attacking, and will "turn tail and run" if they sense you are stronger than they are.
    • Random Battles – Be Gone! See your enemies on the world map before a fight ensues.
    • Use the "Deadly" Meter to Your Advantage. Fill up your meter after a battle, then unleash a devastating blow on particularly tough bosses.
    • Easy to Pick up and Play. Battle in close combat, use weapons or call on support characters to assist with super attacks or drop off power-ups.
    • Deep RPG Designed for a Handheld Platform. Outside of battles or events, save at any point in the game, except for during battles and events.
    • Return of the "Pet" system. Keep a dog, cat, or rabbit as a pet... treat it well, and it will return the favor!
    • Beautiful Environments. Colorful 2D sprites inhabit a rich world with such details as lens flare from the sun, water effects, and beautiful scenery.

    Also in stock today:

    And 1 StreetballASIA N/A sold
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    GP2X Interface Board [Developer's Version] N/A sold
    RoydsStick.EX N/A sold
    Strikers 1945 I & II + Gunbird Premium Package Shooting CollectionKOR N/A sold

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