18. Jul, 2006 13:19 (HKT)

Shipping today: Garou Densetsu Battle Archives 1, Battle Stadium D.O.N. (PS2™), Bleach: Heat the Soul 3, King's Field Additional I, Portable Island: Tenohira Resort (PSP™/Asia)

SNK Playmore keeps the games coming by releasing the 5th volume of online compilations with Garou Densetsu/Fatal Fury Collection #1 containing Fatal Fury, FF 2, FF Special, and FF 3. The legendary series moves from Geese Howard and Wolfgang Krauser to the new story arc with the Jin Twins while new gameplay elements are added to keep the action nonstop. With added options and online capability, this reunion of classic games are a die hard fighter's wish come true.

Garou Densetsu Battle Archives 1 for PlayStation2™ is in stock today, shipping at US$ 49.90 only.

In Bleach: Heat the Soul 3, "Kurosaki Ichigo" helps the mysterious girl "Kuchiki Rukia", who has lost her powers in the course of saving him.

After undergoing rigorous training under the tutelage of "Urahara Kisuke", Ichigo finally becomes a real Shinigami and unleashes the true powers of his beloved sword, "Zangetsu". Rukia is imprisoned in the Senzaikyu (literally palace of atonement) as it is a serious offence to impart Shinigami powers to normal people. And so, Ichigo and friends sneak into the Soul Society...

Sony's popular anime based fighting game goes into the third round. Bleach: Heat the Soul 3 for PSP™ is available today as Asia release version at US$ 42.90 only. The Japanese version of this game is expected later this week.

Game features:
  • Soul Road: In the story mode that is based on the original, relationships with partners can be improved with battles and talking with them.
  • Mission Battle: The famous scenes in the animation series are recreated, allowing the player to play as his/her favorite character to the heart's content.
  • Soul Vs: Versus mode utilizing wireless LAN function (Ad Hoc mode).
  • Vs CPU: Mode where the opponent (CPU controlled) and stage can be chosen freely.
  • Urahara Shop: Mode where extra elements like hidden characters and rare images can be assessed and read.
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    King's Field Additional IASIA N/A sold
    Minna no DS Seminar: Kanpeki Eitango RyokuJPN US$ 24.99 1w
    Portable Island: Tenohira ResortASIA N/A sold

    Air ConflictsASIA N/A sold
    Cossacks II: Battle for EuropeASIA N/A sold
    Moto Racer 3: Gold EditionASIA N/A sold

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