29. Jul, 2005 11:20 (HKT)

Shipping today: Godzilla Final Wars (Regular & Special Edition), Tamagotchi Connexion Version 2 Black, Purple & Pink + Heart, Famitsu Wave DVD & Arcadia Magazine September 2005

From the publisher: Godzilla Final Wars, the latest in the series, which will surely be the best of the stories, started its production with all the ingredients of the past 27 films over the past 50 years. More than 10 monsters which colored the series as well as the newly improved King of the Monsters "Godzilla" will appear in the film and show us the movements and terrors that we have never seen before.

The film has the best cast ever in the series. Masahiro Matsuoka of TOKIO is the leading star and Rei Kikukawa plays the heroine. One of the top professional fighters, Don Frye, Kazuki Kitamura, Kane Kosugi, and Miki Mizuno are co-stars. Akira Takarada who starred in the first Godzilla film as well as the series veterans such as Kumi Mizuno and Kenji Sahara will also appear in this film.

The film is directed by Ryuhei Kitamura who is the hottest Japanese filmmaker in Hollywood. The film indeed has the best cast and crew in the series history.

The Japanese Sci-Fi movie release Godzilla Final Wars is in stock today shipping at US$ 47.90 as Regular Edition as well as US$ 79.90 as 3-disc Special Edition. The latter includes 2 Bonus disc with TV spots, promotional footage, making of features, documentaries and more packed into a Digipak custom case.

A Godzilla Final Wars soundtrack is on sale as Audio CD and 5.0ch DVD Audio release. Collectors should also check out the massive Godzilla Final Box.


20XX. Paris, New York, Sydney, Shanghai... More than 10 monsters appear in the world at once. The United Nations wages final wars against the monsters combining the power of all the Earth Defense Force to save mankind. However, people are panicked by the enormous power of the monsters and the forces take the defensive.

While the intense fighting continues all over the world, suddenly, an enormous flying object appears and extinguishes the monsters with a beam in a matter of seconds. And then, aliens who call themselves "Xiliens" propose a peace treaty with the Earth...

Meanwhile Godzilla is sleeping calmly in Antarctic ice at that time...


Godzilla, which was created by Messrs Ishiro Honda (director), Eiji Tsuburaya (special effects) and Tomoyuki Tanaka (producer) in 1954, was received enthusiastically throughout the world as a "Made in Japan" property that represents postwar Japan. This year that marks the 50th anniversary, Toho produces "Godzilla Final Wars" as the creme de la creme of the series. Godzilla was created by mankind, but it became a God of destruction which cannot be defeated by man. We will put all the beauties and terrors of Godzilla in this film. The key words for this final film are "all-star monsters","worldwide" and "director Ryuhei Kitamura". Toho starts the production with the biggest budget and production schedule ever and unrivaled passion. The film will boast all-star cast and fast paced edgy action sequences by Mr. Kitamura. We hope the children who love Godzilla, the people who used to love Godzilla and the youngsters who have never seen Godzilla films at the cinema before all enjoy "Godzilla Final Wars". For Godzilla is the brightest dream and at the same time is the most horrific nightmare of the Japanese cinema.

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    Tamagotchi Connexion Version 2 (Black)ASIA US$ 19.90 sold
    Tamagotchi Connexion Version 2 (Purple)ASIA US$ 19.90 sold
    Tamagotchi Connexion Version 2 (Pink + Heart)ASIA US$ 19.90 sold
    Famitsu Wave DVD [September 2005]JPN US$ 16.50 sold
    Arcadia Magazine [September 2005]JPN US$ 12.90 sold

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