10. Aug, 2007 13:15 (HKT)

Shipping today: Hour of Victory (Asia), Mega Man Star Force Leo, Pegasus & Dragon, King of Fighters Fatal Fury 1/6 Scale Pre-painted PVC Figure - Mai Shiranui & more

From the publisher: Hour of Victory allows you to play a key role in the pivotal and cinematic battles from the European and North African theaters of World War II, using the skills and gameplay style you choose. Sneak into enemy territory as a covert operative, storm the gates as a British Commando, or snipe from afar as an Army Ranger - each character's unique attributes will be needed for the fulfillment of the overall objective. Only with all these skills working closely together will you be able to say that you helped define the Hour of Victory.

Midway's Hour of Victory for Xbox360™ is in stock today, shipping as English language NTSC/J encoded release at US$ 44.90 only.

Game features:
  • WWII Combat the way you want it - Play as a covert operative, Army Ranger, or British Commando depending on your style of play – sneaking, sniping, or guns blazing.
  • Authentic WWII Vehicles – Yours for the Taking - Use any of the vehicles you find on the battlefield to accomplish your mission. Jeeps, the Opelblitz, Kubelwagon, Panzer, Tiger, T34 and Sherman Tanks all ready for your command.
  • Not Just Another Grunt - You’re the Victor - Unlike other games where you’re just another cog in the war machine, you are the key to success on the battlefield – you are present at the Hour of Victory.
  • Exclusive Xbox 360 Title - WWII brought to the Xbox 360 with Unreal Engine 3 generation graphical splendor and exhilarating Multiplayer action for Xbox Live.

From the publisher: Explore towns and interact with people in the real world while fighting action-packed battles in the virtual "Wave World." Enemy encounters take place on a three by five grid in a 3D perspective, where players use a portfolio of Battle Cards that each have distinct attributes and attack powers. As the story progresses, players will acquire additional cards to build an arsenal that reflects their personal strategy.

Capcom's Nintendo DS™ RPG Mega Man Star Force is available today as US release version, shipping as Leo, Pegasus and Dragon edition at US$ 29.90 each only.

Game features:
  • Three stellar versions call upon the power of the elements - Ice Pegasus, Fire Leo and Green Dragon
  • Two co-existing worlds - explore the real world in human form and transform into Mega Man to maneuver the virtual "Wave World"
  • Cyber battles feature an immersive third person view as players engage enemies in a 3x5 battle grid
  • Each game version offers a unique powered-up transformation of Mega Man based on the respective elemental power and can unleash a special "Star Force Big Bang" attack
  • Battle Cards based on elemental attributes (fire, water, wood, electricity), each a part of a power chain where one is stronger or weaker than another
  • Best Combo - combine Battle Cards of the same type to unleash consecutive attacks
  • Dynamic Brother Band system - add up to six friends to help each other in battles, share Battle Cards, receive stat boosts and other special benefits
  • Each character has their own customizable Personal Page where Battle Cards and information can be viewed and traded with friends to compare progress

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The King of Fighters Fatal Fury 1/6 Scale Pre-painted PVC Figure - Mai Shiranui (Re-Run)JPN N/A sold
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