19. Aug, 2005 13:44 (HKT)

Shipping today: Initial D The Movie (HK DVD), Geist (NGC™ US) and Sega AGES 2500 Series Vol. 18 Dragon Force [Super DX Pack] (PS2™)

It's a story about the fastest street racer of Mt Akina. Takumi, a delivery boy; Ryousuke, an engineer of speed; and Kyouichi, a professional racer: the three of them become duelists of drifts.

For five years, 18-year-old Takumi has been delivering tofu in his father's obsolescent Toyota AE86 every morning. Not only has he become a good racer, but he has also unwittingly perfected the art of drifting.

He was never an aficionado of hill racing until he is asked by his father to drive his AE86 in a David and Goliath race against Night Kids' EVO. A glorious but unexpected victory awakens the competitive genes in his blood, while his overnight fame inevitably leads to hellraising races one after another, each one more perilous and exciting than the previous one.

Starring Asia's hottest heartthrobs, Jay Chou and Edison Chen, Initial D is adapted from one of the most popular eponymous manga and anime series in Japan. This is the first live-action feature based on the series to ever grace the silver screen in the world.

Initial D has been one of the most astonishing Hong Kong movie productions in 2005. In stock today shipping as dts es RC3 encoded DVD release at US$ 14.90 (regular print) and US$ 34.90 (Limited Collector's Edition). The latter includes a 60-page photo book, a jigsaw puzzle, making of Bonus DVD, stickers and bookmarks. Each Limited Edition includes a number certificate. The total print run is limited to 5,000 copies only.

Further available is the Initial D Movie Soundtrack at US$ 13.90. An RC3 encoded Initial D UMD Box Set (w/ Initial D PSP™ Carrying Bag) suitable to play on Asian PSP™ models is due next week and priced at US$ 29.90 only.

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    From the publisher: In the hallways, labs and chambers of a shadowy compound, an unseen power is lurking.

    As a ghostly Spectral Operative, players must search for their physical body, which is mysteriously being kept alive somewhere in the enormous complex. Players won't always be alone though--as they explore, they must collect the energies of indigenous spirits to help unravel a mystery and build their own power. Some will help ... but beware, for not all the spirits are friendly. Prepare for a first-person adventure with a spectral twist!

    Nintendo's US version first person Gamecube™ shooter Geist is in stock shipping at US$ 59.90.

    Product features:
    • Explore the compound as a ghost, then possess more than a dozen unique character types using their weapons, equipment, skills, and even memories, to complete your goals.
    • Possessions range from soldiers with guns to dog- and mouse-like creatures that can perform specialized physical tasks. Choose different characters and see the world in different ways.
    • Travel through the human world virtually unseen, using your abilities to slip through cracks, interfere with electronics, move objects and more.
    • Face challenges from two unique angles--as a possessed human or a lurking spirit hunting its prey.
    • Prepare for death matches with the dead in all-new multiplayer modes that combine first-person combat with unique ghost and possession mechanics.

    Sega AGES 2500 Series Vol. 18 Dragon Force is a remake of the classic Sega Saturn title from 1996, featuring large 100 vs 100 army battles. The remake has 20 more playable characters (a total of 170 playable characters are in the game), over 600 new conversations, 1.5 times more scenarios and over 20 new tunes compared to the original version. Due to the massive content, this game is the first Sega Ages title released on DVD-ROM.

    After Tuesday's regular print arrival, we have today stocked the Segadirect exclusive Super DX Pack. Apart from the game itself, this set additionally contains a Dragon Force Visual Book (64 pages), a Dragon Force Complete Album soundtrack as well as a Can Badge. In stock today at US$ 95 as long as initial supplies last only.

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