01. Aug, 2005 12:36 (HKT)

Shipping today: Makai Kingdom: Chronicles of the Sacred Tome, Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life & More Friends of Mineral Town, Capcom Retro Game Collection Vol.5, Tenjho-Tenge & Mai Hime Collection Figure

From the publisher: The great oracle Pram prophesies that Lord Zetta's rule over the netherworld will soon come to a end. Seeking the truth of his fate, Lord Zetta goes on a quest to discover a sacred tome, a tome of history that contains the entire past and future of the universe chronicled in its pages. After defeating the guardian of the tome, he carefully goes through the pages, only to find out that, his arrogance and selfishness will indeed destroy the netherworld. Lord Zetta bursts into a rage and burns the tome. Ironically the destruction of the tome, brought about the destruction of the entire universe, netherworld and all. Too late to save the world, Lord Zetta opts to simply save himself, combining his essence with the remains of the tome.

Developed by Nippon Ichi and published by Atlus in the US, the SRPG PlayStation2™ game Makai Kingdom: Chronicles of the Sacred Tome (also known as Phantom Kingdom) is in stock today shipping as US$ 59.90 as long as supplies last.

From the publisher: Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life is a heartwarming tale that unfolds over six important chapters in your life. While raising crops and tending animals is essential to fiscal success, you'll also make important decisions that can eventually shape the fates of other family members. Out here success isn't measured on a balance sheet or pay stub: It's defined by how you treat your family and neighbors!

Besides balancing time spent between folk and family, you'll also need to turn a profit by improving and expanding your farm. In addition to raising cattle, sheep and chickens, there are bushels of intriguing hybrid vegetables waiting to be discovered.

Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life for Gamecube™ is in stock today shipping as US release version at US$ 39.90 only.

From the publisher: It is up to you to successfully rejuvenate the farm and build a life for yourself with family and friends. The best part is, you can do it any way you want! Plant crops, raise farm animals, marry the man of your dreams and start a family!

Link up with the Nintendo GameCube Game Boy Advance™ Cable and connect to Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life for Nintendo GameCube™ to uncover more hidden surprises!

Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town for Gameboy Advance™ is in stock today shipping as US release version at US$ 39.90 only.

Additional items shipping today:

Capcom Retro Game Collection Vol.5JPN US$ 29.90 sold
PlayGear Mod US$ 29.90 sold
Tenjho-Tenge Realistic detail action figure Vol.2: Aya Natsume US$ 34.90 sold
Mai Hime Collection Figure US$ 7.90 sold

Volume 5 of Capcom's Retro Collection PSone™ release contains Street Fighter II, Street Figher II ' (Street Fighter II Champion Edition) and Street Fighter II Turbo.

Make sure to check out our shipping update tomorrow as we are expecting some of this week's highlights, including Konami's Winning Eleven 9 for PlayStation2™.


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