26. Apr, 2005 17:33 (HKT)

Shipping today: Metal Slug 5, Sega Ages Fighting Vipers, Spectral Force Chronicle (PS2™), Devilish (NDS™), One Piece Dragon Dream (GBA™), Media Pouch Portable (PSP™) & more

A research installation developing the next-generation of Metal Slugs is attacked by unknown forces and a disk containing Metal Slug secrets stolen.

Ordered to recover the disk, Marco and Tarma follow in hot pursuit. Meanwhile, Eri and Fio, investigating the Ptolemaic Army, a paramilitary syndicate active in archeological excavation, catch up with them at an ancient ruin, "The Corridor of Fire." The two try to storm and seize the site but are repulsed by the natives and giant Metal Slugs. This incident proves it was the Ptolemaic Army that stole the Metal Slug secrets.

The military subsequently launches a second raid by the elite PF Squad and Sparrow on "The Corridor of Fire" to recover the secrets and destroy the syndicate!!!

SNK Playmore's Metal Slug 5 PlayStation2™ port is in stock today shipping at US$ 64.90.

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Sega's famous Sega AGES 2500 Series goes into round 18 (labeled as Volume 19 though due to the delay of Vol. 18 Dragon Force, shipping on June 30th). Sega AGES 2500 Series Vol. 19 Fighting Vipers is a complete port of the Model 2 arcade fighting game from 1995. The game runs at a solid 60fps. The PlayStation2™ version also uses an improved texture compression technology which allows the use of vivid color.

Sega AGES 2500 Series Vol. 19 Fighting Vipers is in stock today shipping at US$ 28.90 only.

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Spectral Force Chronicle is a simulation RPG taking place in the fantasy world known as Neverland. Ruled by three gods, the world used to be in balance. After countless battles had been fought between the three factions, the Evil King James succeeded in uniting the land under his command. Using his demon tribe, he restored peace in Neverland. However there were still forces who did not consider this a good thing. We are writing the year 996, as a group of three humans wielding the powerful Demon Sword break into Janes' castle and end his reign. This sets the stage for the return of chaos and the triggers off the largest and worst war in Neverland's history, the Neverland War. A total of seven playable factions will take part in this war.

Compared to the Spectral Souls games, Idea Factory is implementing a different battle system in Spectral Force Chronicle. After selecting which characters they want to use in battle, players can let those characters move freely over the battle map. The only limitation to this movement is the amount of AP (action points). Both movement and actions such as attacks require a certain amount of APs. Each characters can hold up to three different death blows. If certain requirements are met, players can also unleash powerful chain attacks on their enemies. Last but not least, combination attacks also make a return in this game.

Spectral Force Chronicle for PlayStation2™ is in stock today shipping as regular version (US$ 64.90) as well as Limited Edition (US$ 95). A soundtrack album is due for release on May 15th (US$ 27.90). A OVA DVD containing animation scenes and further bonus material has been announced for release on June 22nd (US$ 37.90).

Genki's 1991 released Game Gear™ action pinball game Devilish returns to another portable gaming device with a brand new release in 2005 on Nintendo DS™.

Devlish is taking advantage of the dual screen, increasing the table size compared to a previous release of the game. Various stages have been implemented into the game, each one taking place in a fantasy world. More than 20 kinds of monsters are wandering around and blocking the entrance to the next level as well as setting traps that have an affect on your gameplay.

If you are a fan of the classical Devil's Crush, Devil Crash MD, Yaki Crush or the more recently released Pinball of the Dead (GBA™), then this title should not be missed in your collection. Devilish is in stock today shipping at US$ 48.90.

One Piece Dragon Dream is the sequel to the 2003 released PSone™ RPG One Piece Oceans of Dreams. The game has an original story. You start the game as Robin, one day the memories of all your team members were stolen by a strange boy after he played a Dragon Flute. All the members left the pirate ship, and you must try to restore their memories by bringing them back to their past adventure and battle the past opponents. The game features over 50 characters from the One Piece series, two characters can team up for powerful duel combos in the battles.

One Piece Dragon Dream for Gameboy Advance™ is in stock today shipping at US$ 48.90.

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Further video game releases from today:

Love Doll: Lovely Idol (PS2™)JPN US$ 64.90
Love Doll: Lovely Idol [Limited Edition] (PS2™)JPN US$ 84.90
Minna no Mahjong DS (NDS™)JPN US$ 39.90

Video game accessory releases from today:

Card Case DS (CD case type) (NDS™) US$ 5.99
Dust Cap DS (NDS™) US$ 4.99
Dust Cap Portable (PSP™) US$ 4.99
Media Pouch Portable (PSP™) US$ 9.90
Soft Jacket (white) (PSP™/third party) US$ 14.90


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