13. Feb, 2006 18:53 (HKT)

Shipping today: Monster Hunter 2 (PS2™), Tales of Legendia, Chibi-Robo, The Rub Rabbits!, Street Fighter Alpha 3 MAX (all US versions) & Media Recorder VRX-02

After the Monster Hunter G Expansion, Monster Hunter 2 is a real sequel to Capcom's popular creature hunting game. Monster Hunter 2 offers the player more freedon and the feeling of living the life of a hunter. Time will now flow in the game, with appropriate changes to the fields of play and the enemies that populate them. Due to improved online and offline play concepts and design, you will now get a better sense of being part of a town. Not to be missed are new weapons, new fields and of course new monsters. A cross-connectivity mode with the PSP™ version of the game exists.

Capcom's Monster Hunter 2 for PlayStation2™ is shipping today, available as regular version (US$ 64.90) and Limited Edition (US$ 109). The Limited Edition is currently pre-sold but we are expecting a few more copies to arrive during this week.

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From the publisher: The renowned Tales of series comes to the PlayStation® 2 with the extraordinary depth of an RPG and the furiously fast real-time battles of an authentic fighting game. In development for several years, Tales of Legendia offers fantastic 3D graphics, dynamic battle scenes and an emotionally-charged storyline. The game utilizes technology from Namco’s renowned Soulcalibur® fighting game series, allowing players to battle huge monsters with a battle system that feels more like a fighting game using X-LiMBS, Namco’s new Crossover Linear Motion Battle System.

Namco's Tales of Legendia for PlayStation2™ is shipping as US release version at US$ 59.90 only. The game is also still available as Japanese (US$ 64.90) and Asian version (US$ 29.90). A Tales of Legendia Original Soundtrack album is in stock at US$ 33.90 respectively.

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    From the publisher: Chibi-Robo is not your typical video game hero. For one thing, he's less than a foot tall. For another, he spends most of his time cleaning up around the house. His main objective is not to recover magical crystals or to overthrow an evil tyrant. For Chibi-Robo, success is simple. His goal? To Spread the Happiness!

    Chibi-Robo is a massive adventure game on a miniature scale. The game opens with a cinema scene set in the Sanderson family living room. For her eighth birthday, Jenny receives a gift from her toy-fanatic father -- a little robot named Chibi-Robo. Chibi-Robo’s sole purpose is to bring happiness to Jenny and her family.

    Chibi-Robo accomplishes this goal by picking up trash, scrubbing the floor, smoothing over family drama, and other everyday tasks. His battery life is limited, so he needs to recharge by plugging himself into wall outlets.

    Nintendo's Chibi-Robo for Gamecube™ is in stock shipping as US release version at US$ 59.90 only.

    Game features:
    • Spread the happiness throughout the Sanderson family household by performing a variety of chores and tasks.
    • Purchase Chibi-Gear upgrades such as the Chibi-Blaster and Chibi-Radar to make Chibi-Robo's job easier.
    • Explore the entire Sanderson home, from the backyard to the kitchen to the upstairs bedrooms. For Chibi-Robo, a normal house is a huge world!
    • When night falls, communicate with the many toys that come to life throughout the house.
    • Discover costumes that enable Chibi-Robo to perform special tasks and communicate with different characters.

    From the publisher: In this all-new "rub comedy" adventure from the quirky minds behind Feel the Magic™, The Rub Rabbits!™ delivers a thoroughly original experience that makes great use of your DS like never before! Tap, rub, even rotate the DS through over 35 Story Mode episodes and seven hilarious gameplay modes where you try to win the heart of your love interest while overcoming challenges by 12 aggressive rivals…and that’s just the beginning!

    Sega's The Rub Rabbits! for Nintendo DS™ (also known as Akachan wa Doko Kara Kuru no? or Where do babies come from? in Japan) is in stock today as US release version at US$ 39.90 only. Also make sure to check out Sega's official Akachan wa Doko Kara Kuru no? Carrying Bag.

    From the publisher: The world-renowned fighter punches and kicks onto the PSP™ system! Fight fiercely as your favorite classic characters like Ken, Ryu, and Chun Li, plus get your hands on 4 new, cool brawlers with all-new moves. Show off your superior skill by battling your friends through wireless play.

    Capcom's PSP™ fighter Street Fighter Alpha 3 MAX (also known as Street Fighter Zero 3 Double Upper in Japan) is shipping mow as US release version at US$ 39.90 as long as supplies last.

    Game features:
    • More than 25 million units of Street Fighter® sold across the globe
    • 33 cool Street Fighter characters, plus 4 new to the series
    • Head-to-head battles wirelessly - true widescreen display

    Also shipping today is RockridgeSound's Media Recorder VRX-02, providing media recording in a PSP™ or Play-Yan suitable format.

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