25. Jul, 2006 16:22 (HKT)

Shipping today: Nintendo DS Opera Browser, Mario Basket 3 on 3, bit Generations, Senko no Ronde Rev.X, Valkyrie Profile 2 OST Vol.2 & more

The Nintendo DS Browser is co-developed by Nintendo and Opera and provides web browsing on the Nintendo DS. The Opera browser software is stored on the Nintendo DS™ cartridge, a memory expansion will be inserted into the GBA slot.

The browser uses both screens of the Nintendo DS™ handheld. While the standard screen is displayed on the bottom, an expansion will be provided on the upper screen to provide a better browsing experience. Five levels of expansions are possible, from 50% to 150%.

Character input is provided by two different methods, either via "keyboard input" while a keyboard is displayed on the touch screen or via "handwriting input" by simply writing the character with the touch pen.

A parent lock function is provided to disable the access to the internet for children. Additionally, the browser does not reproduce Flash, PDF, animations or sound content.

The Nintendo DS Browser application is in stock today, available as NDS™ Lite and NDS™ Version. Both versions only differ in the physical size of the GBA™ RAM cartridge. The standard NDS™ Version can be used with the NDS™ Lite as well, however will slightly stick out of the GBA™ slot.

Also in stock today:

Simple 2000 Series Vol. 103: The Earth Defence Force TacticsJPN US$ 17.99 1w

Sony PSP™:
Densha de Go! Pocket ToikaidousenhenASIA N/A sold

Nintendo DS™:
Kouchuu Ouja Mushi King: Greatest Champion e no Michi DS 2JPN US$ 45.99 1w
Mario Basket 3 on 3 / Mario Hoops 3 on 3JPN US$ 57.99 1w

Gameboy Advance™:
bit Generations: ColorisJPN US$ 103.99 1w
bit Generations: DigidriveJPN N/A sold
bit Generations: OrbitalJPN N/A sold
bit Generations: SoundvoyagerJPN N/A sold

Major League Baseball 2K6JPN N/A sold
Senko no Ronde Rev.XJPN N/A sold
Senko no Ronde Rev.X [Limited Edition]JPN N/A sold

Video Game related Soundtracks / Movies:
Rengoku 2 SoundtrackJPN N/A sold
Sengoku Basara 2 Original SoundtrackJPN US$ 59.99 5-15d
Shin Onimusha Dawn of Dreams: The Story Premium Box [2DVD+CD Limited Edition]JPN N/A sold
Tekken 5 / Tekken Dark Resurrection Original SoundtrackJPN N/A sold
Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria Original Soundtrack Vol.2JPN N/A sold


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