28. Jun, 2005 12:25 (HKT)

Shipping today: OZ, Garou: Mark of the Wolves, Genji, Erementar Gerad, Gundam True Odyssey (PS2™), Chrono Cross OST, Xenogears Arrange, good-cool ultra expander (game music) & more

Developed by the same studio responsible for hits such as Castlevania and Suikoden, Konami comes up with a team-based hack'n slash action adventure title.

You play as a young boy called Feel, who lost his parents and grew up with your younger sister Dorothy and their cat Toto in a world of humans, gods and sporitual creatures called the Katena. Trying to bring down mankind, the gods have drained the planet of Ateria (its energy source) and taken control of the Katena.

A group of Katena and monsters attacks the village Feel is living in and kidnaps Dorothy. Chasing after the kidnappers, the action begins.

Help Feel to rescue his sister and save the world from evil. Konami's OZ is in stock shipping today at US$ 64.90. The OZ Original Soundtrack is due for release on July 20th.

The first volume of SNK Playmore's Neo Geo Online Collection is dedicated to Garou: Mark of the Wolves - which series is probably more well known under the Fatal Fury title.

In 1995, Geese Howard passed on to the next world. Ten years later, a new chapter is opened with the newborn wolves making their moves. Besides the Gallery and Survival modes, the screen is adjustable and the background music can be switched from the original ones to newly mixed ones. Data loading is rapid, and there is no cutting down on frames and slowdown! It can really be said to be a complete port of the original.

Compatible with Japan's KDDI MultiMatching BB, thus experiencing the best in quality of PS2™ Japan's online matchups! "NeoGeo Online Collection" will be actively coming up with new lineups for network play. In the online "NeoGeo land", engage in battles more ferocious than the ones in the arcade!

SNK Playmore's Garou: Mark of the Wolves is in stock today shipping as regular version (US$ 39.90) as well as Limited Edition (US$ 89.90). The limited edition sets includes a wine red special edition NeoGeo Stick 2. Apart from the color difference, the item also features a bigger control stick part for an improved game play.

From the publisher: Legends has it that the god of creation awarded the people on earth with the "Heaven Steel" and the person who hold it will have the ability to rule earth.

As time passes, people began to enjoy a time of peace and stability, and the stone's powers have been used to create wealth for the masses. But when the evil warlord Kiyomori want to use the powers of the stone, they will have to go against the stone's 2 latest users, Yoshitsune and Benkei first….

The game is produced by Yoshiki Okamoto, who had earlier on produced the legendary Street Fighter II, and the action sequence is directed by Misuhiko Seike who had produced many of Japan’s top action movies and TV series. The art direction is by Kyle Shubel. With such a strong cast backing up as the creative team, this is definitely a game that all gamers should look out for!

Genji is in stock today shipping as Asian release version at US$ 59.90 only. The Japanese version is expected to be in stock later this week, priced a US$ 64.90. The Genji Original Soundtrack album is scheduled for release on July 21st.

From the publisher: One day, a young man who is a member of an air pirates group discovered "Ren", a young lady under a sleeping curse. It turns out that she actually has strong and mysterious powers and is know as the "Holy War Angel", a weapon in human form…

So the youth and the lady, together with a team of their trusted friends, embarked on an adventurous journey aiming to find the holy land. Along the way, they met with various challenges and enemies.

The game comes with 4 different modes of play. "Story Mode" allows the player to enjoy the original storyline while knocking down the various enemies. "Arcade Mode" enables the play to versus the computer; while the "Versus Mode" supports a fight with another player. Lastly, the "Training Mode" allows the player to go through the game step-by-step to perfect each move. Player get to choose which mode of game play works best for them depending on their mood.

Taito's 3D fighting game Erementar Gerad is in stock today shipping at US$ 64.90. Also make sure to check out the anime based Elementar Gerad Original Soundtrack.

Further video game releases shipping today:

Gundam True OdysseyJPN US$ 64.90 1-2w
Sousei no AquarionJPN US$ 64.90 sold
Jissen Pachislot Hisshouhou! Hokuto no Ken PortableJPN US$ 42.90 1w

All copies of Gundam True Odyssey ship including a 48 pages bonus world guide booklet as long as supplies last.

Video game based soundtrack releases shipping today:

good-cool ultra expanderJPN US$ 38.90 sold
Chrono Cross Original SoundtrackJPN US$ 32.90 wait
Xenogears Arrange Version CreidJPN US$ 27.90 1-2w

good-cool ultra expander is a Konamistyle exclusive release and only available as long as initial supplies last. Both Square-Enix soundtracks are reprints of the meanwhile sold out and hard to get Digicube prints - not to be missed by any true fan.

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